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Math Munchers Deluxe Credits

51 people (45 developers, 6 thanks)

Math Munchers Deluxe Credits - A MECC(R) Production

Concepts and DesignSheila Dols, Sheila Kelly Zwettler
ProducerChuck Bilow
Project DirectorSheila Dols
Lead Artist and AnimatorSheila Kelly Zwettler
Graphic ArtistsCharolyn Kapplinger, Kristin Kuennen (Kristen Kuennen)
Audio ProductionGlen Anderson, Chad Iverson, Larry Phenow
Development TestingBrian Anderson
Lead Technical TestingRose Enriquez
TestingRobert Bill, David Heltemes, Mike Mosenthin, Michael Oltmans, Troy Small, Jody Smith, Don Tvedt, Vang Thao
MarketingPete Chiappinelli (Peter Chiappinelli), Grace Ueng Trombetta (Grace Trombetta)
MusicEric Speier (for Speier Music Productions Inc.)
Additional Music byLarry Phenow

Math Munchers Deluxe Theme Song

MusicEric Speier
LyricsLynn Speier, Eric Speier
Lead VocalDan Wilson
Background VocalsLynn Speier

Voice Characterizations

Ruby TuberJan Joseph
Spud RussetMichael S. Warren
CookieSarah Corzatt Richardson
Additional Voices byGlen Anderson, Sheila Dols, Rose Enriquez, Dan Megears, Sue L. Minor, Larry Phenow, Melanie Smith, Wayne Studer, Michael Tschimperle, Claudio E. Valenzuela (Claudio Valenzuela), Sheila Kelly Zwettler

ImageBuilder Staff

ProducerDenis R. Burger Jr. (Denis Burger)
DevelopersTodd W. Bates, Bob Terhune, Dwayne Towell, Roger Bonzer, Dan Zimmerman, Lars Nesbakken
ArtistMorgan Odland
TestingMelinda Saccareccia, Julie Csoppenszky (Julie Csoppensky), James Clarke, Shauna Gonzales


Special Thanks toLon Koenig, West Suburban Summer School, Nora McInerney, Patrick McInerney, Joe Belk, Rory Belk
Math Munchers™ Deluxe Copyright © 1995MECC and its licensors [All rights reserved]

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Credits for this game were contributed by ryanbus84 (33998)