Max Payne 3 Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen
Meet Max several years after Max Payne 2
The story is divided into chapters
Bullet time tutorial
There are parts of golden guns hidden in the levels
The game is abundant with cinematic moments
Weapon select menu. If you dual-wield pistols (or other small automatic arms), you'll have to drop any heavier weapon you're carrying
We're in São Paulo, Brazil, and very few people speak English here.
Comic book-style cutscenes are back, though they are shorter and integrated into actual cutscenes
There are some very cinematic scripted bullet time sequences
Jumping back in bullet time
Story grinds - collectible weapon parts
Max proves he's a superhero, while claiming that it's not his best day
If you engage in very close-quarter fight (melee distance), a cutscene will trigger
There are some TV shows you can watch
Interrogation. Unfortunately, Max and I don't understand a word
An intense firefight at the back of a soccer stadium
Now this setting is more familiar for the fans of Max Payne 1!
A tight spot
One of the "clues"
The artists at Rockstar have made an excellent job - the surroundings are unbelievably detailed (especially on a DirectX11 PC)
Max in the jungle
This guy ain't sleeping
Shooting through a window
Found a clue
Sniper scope
Max is a weapon of mass destruction
A gunfight in an office with glass walls - spectacular!
This guy is a formidable foe
Max dosen't want to become steak.
The new Max
Max on a walk in a favela
An intense mid-range shootout
Bullet cam
Headshots are very messy
This is the "Last man standing" - Max is critically hit and if I manage to kill this bastard Max will chow a painkiller and survive
In bullet time you are able to trace bullets
There are two arcade modes
Online leaderboards (as usual) are dominated by cheaters