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Max Payne Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main Menu
Fly by your enemies and shoot them
Most of the time your gun will do the talking
You have a dozen weapons. Here: a sawed off shotgun
In slow motion you can actually see the bullets
A rare picture: Max without guns pointed at him
Game is divided into many chapters and sub-stories.
Intro, which actually comes after the game says its story.
Three years ago... behind this door is your wife and some bandit, and you cannot do anything to help her. Thus you lay your hands on your gun and forget about a badge 'til you punish ALL the badguys.
Occasionally, you can speak on the phone, or watch TV or some papers and/or shots, and you see that made in a comic book style.
The real action starts two nights ago then the intro happens.
As you went to meet a friend of yours, you ran into ambush instead.
Judging by the look of this hotel, a man can get the wrong impression on situation ;))
If you're a good shooter, even camera won't be a match to follow you sometimes.
Each time you kill the last foe on the scene, the game will automatically go slow-motion.
Max Payne against the exit doors, and he looses, hehe. Guess you'll have to find other way around afterall.
Shooting from the ledge.
Selecting weapons is always better in some quiet room then in between shootout.
Exclamation point always mean there is something you should see or check about.
The burning cistern blocked this way, you'll have to find some other way if you wanna get around.
When Rats Attack (Easter Egg)
A drug deal goes bad... thanks to you.
Rico Muerte and his "lady friend" try to waste you
End of Chapter 1 boss fight with satanist screwball Jack Lupino and his Trenchcoat minions
Explosive showdown with Boris Dime
Max Payne fights and kills Max Payne... how existential can you get?
The ol' you're a character in a computer game plot-twist got real old with Return to Monkey Island
Max really knows how to make a mess
I don't care who you are, a shotgun blast to the stomach has GOT to smart
Matrix-style lobby shootout
Gordon Freeman could take out an Apache with one hand tied behind his back. To be fair though, Payne doesn't have an HEV suit
Climatic shootout atop Aesir Tower
A bullet with Nicole Horne's name on it
Exploding door
Max Payne at Roscoe Bank
Cold drinks anyone?
Exiting Roscoe Station
Dead guy in bed
The subway, where everything begins
Max's trips