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Softonic (May 21, 2010)
This family-friendly game is very cute, but it's inventive enough to keep you interested. You are encouraged to use the Magic Marker in interesting ways, and although it's not difficult, it's so much fun you won't want to rush through the levels. Charming, cute and suitable for all the family, MAx and the Magic Marker is a fantastic cartoon adventure.
80 (Mar 03, 2010)
Max & the Magic Marker feels like "Crayon Physics Deluxe: Deluxe". The physics and drawing are spot on and it has a great art style. One of the most enjoyable games with a little boy with a giant orange mohawk as the protagonist that I have ever played!
At the end of the day Max & The Magic Marker is a fantastic game, but don’t expect hours of play time from it – however if you’re looking for a casual game to pass a few hours a week then you don’t have to look any further – it’s just a shame the price tag sits at £12.95 while the Wii version is nearly half that price.
GameZone (Jun 24, 2010)
The overall aesthetic of the game is great. The artistic style is exceptionally cute and bodes well with the setting. Composed by Danish hiphop band, Analogik, the music also attributed to the whimsical, child-ish tone that only gets better with time. While it will probably only take between 4-7 hours to complete the game’s 3 worlds (with 5 levels in each), players should find plenty of extra playtime by going through the levels to collect all of the hidden and thought orbs, as well as finishing each level within the goal time. Disappointingly enough, Max & The Magic Marker is $20 on the PC, $10 more than it’s Wii brethren. While I enjoyed playing Max & The Magic Marker on the PC, the overall experience felt cheapened by the fact it controlled better on the Wii and was priced higher than it should have been.
Just Adventure (Jun 24, 2010)
Despite my problems with ‘earlier’ versions, Max and the Magic Marker has a lot more polish than I’d expect from a casual game, but not nearly as much as I’d expect from a commercially sold unit. Had they not updated it; I’d have given it an F, or 0 stars, two thumbs down, or one finger straight up. But, since you won’t have to deal with the earlier bugs that I encountered, go ahead and pick this game up. I look forward to seeing more levels made with this engine, and perhaps something that expands the gameplay somehow.
74 (Mar 03, 2010)
Die WiiWare-Version haben wir zwar seinerzeit leider nicht getestet, aber sie tendierte mit ihrer auf Wii zugeschnittenen Mechanik und Kontrollmechanik Richtung Gold. Der PC-Variante bleibt dieser steile Aufstieg versagt, was vor allem den trotz Day 1-Patch zu zahlreichen Abstürzen zuzuschreiben ist, die auch bei einem "kleinen" Titel nicht verzeihlich sind. Die nicht ganz optimal arbeitende Steuerung knabbert ebenfalls hier und da etwas weg - auch wenn dies durch die nahezu fehlerfrei arbeitende Kollisionsabfrage abgemildert wird. Dennoch: Es ist schön zu sehen, dass in Zeiten von Blockbustern mit millionenschwerem Budget auch noch die eine oder andere Schmiede mit kreativen Perlen auf sich aufmerksam machen kann.
Gameplay (Benelux) (Apr 30, 2010)
Geen echte hoogvlieger maar een verrassend knappe en leuke game die vooral bij de kids zal scoren.
IGN UK (Feb 12, 2010)
Max & the Magic Marker is an entertaining if short addition to the growing library of drawing games on the market. The visual style and nice mix of platforming and drawing are sure to help it stand out, but the game doesn't match the depth of some of the better entries in the field.
GameStar (Germany) (Feb 16, 2010)
Zugegeben, ganz fehlerfrei ist Mäxchens Abenteuer nicht. Allerdings trösten die in der Regel gelungenen, teilweise verblüffend einfallsreichen Rätsel großteils über die ärgerlichen technischen Unzulänglichkeiten und Bugs hinweg. Vor allem die clevere Spielidee und die (je nach Ambition und Geschick) teilweise unterschiedlichen Lösungswege motivieren, sich bis zum Endgegner durchzuknobeln und zu -hüpfen. Für den Nachfolger wünsche ich mir etwas größere Abwechslung und mehr Möglichkeiten, den magischen Stift einzusetzen.
60 (Jun 14, 2010)
Förmodligen skulle såväl bandesignen som motorn mått bra av ett par veckors extra tid av finputsning. Man har visserligen släppt ett par patchar för att rätta till olika saker men mina frekventa krascher på vissa banor, samt de andra små fel jag stött på var fortfarande kvar i version 1.04. Det är oerhört tråkigt och gör ganska mycket för slutbetyget.
Girl Gamers UK (Jun 14, 2010)
You don't have to be creative to get through the levels and for me; this made it feel a bit dull. In fact I can't help feeling like this game is a bit like a test at school - made by adults trying to make it look cool and fun but actually with a focus on education and learning, with rules that are decidedly un-fun. The levels are very repetitive (as is the music) whilst the story is very basic. Seeing my orange lines become solid is quite satisfying and you can create some generally interesting results. But the flip side is you often have to redraw even the most basic of lines to allow Max to progress. Whilst there's certainly no denying that the technology here is astounding, the animation is charming and I'm sure a young audience will love it I think overall, seasoned gamers will find its appeal and scope too limited and probably not that magic.