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Maximum Force Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Start menu
Options menu
2-player control setup
Mission selection menu
Mission intro movie, an enemy Hind helicopter is being attacked while you climb up on a ladder on the side of a tanker ship.
Mission start. You automatically move along a path between the objects on deck while enemies pop up in front of you, firing their weapons.
When you are hit, an image is displayed as if your computer screen got hit by a bullet. (The 'press-start' message on the lower right is for the second player, if available)
A spinning bullet shell on the right indicates an ammunition pickup. You can run out of bullets in this game, the ammo counter is on left, above my remaining 'lives' skulls.
I am being shot at by a missile launcher ahead, and you can see its rocket projectiles slowly coming for you. My ammo bar is down to one 'bullet' on the left side.
And when I run out of bullets in my weapon, this large 'reload' thing appears on the right. Hopefully I picked up that ammo drop earlier.
This is what remains of an enemy when you actually hit him. A wet spot.
However, when you shoot innocents, like the crewman beside the enemy, you lose a life; and in this case, it was my last life. You have a timer counting down to let you retry the mission.
Your current score is shown as the game ends. Not much to brag about here.
And in case you didn't notice before, it's Game Over. For both players.
After the game over screen, the credits are shown.
After the credits, the current highscore is shown.
And finally, you get to exit the game. (or restart) After awhile, if you don't choose anything, a rolling demo starts.
Demo scene from Mission 2; the Bank Robbery.
Demo: Helpful hint #1: Shoot the baddies!
Demo: Helpful hint #2: Don't shoot the good guys!
Demo: Helpful hint #3: Shoot the power-up:s for more ammo.
Demo: Helpful hint #4: Shoot these objects for extra damage to nearby baddies.