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MechWarrior 4: Mercenaries Credits

Cyberlore Studios, Inc.

Project Lead and Lead DesignerDavid Fifield
Lead ProgrammerChris Tohline
Lead ArtistSeth Spaulding
ProducerJon Clark
Executive ProducerJoseph Minton
ProgrammersAdam Saunders, Aaron Horne
Additional ProgrammerJohn Scully
ArtistsBryant Johnson, David Silverman, David White, Michael Richard, Sean Wang
DesignersCorey E. Navage, Ferret Baudoin
Sound EngineerJack Cameron
Content ManagerCharles Lane
Additional Content ManagerCara McCormick
MarketingJay Adan
PlaytestingErik Hawley
Additional PlaytestingEric Marcoullier, Michael Pohoreski
MIS SupportJonathan Wonson
A special thanks to allat FASA Studio [for creating the original MechWarrior 4: Vengeance and assisting with MechWarrior 4: Mercenaries], Peter Mayberry (Pete Von Mayberry; for all his help)

Cyberlore Management Team

Human Resources and Office ManagerClarinda Rose Merripen
Art Dept. DirectorSeth Spaulding
Programming Dept. DirectorMatt Kimmel
Design Dept. DirectorTom Henderson
Vice PresidentKen Grey
CEOJoseph Minton
ChairmanLester Humphreys

FASA Studio, Microsoft Corporation

Studio ManagerDavid A. Luehmann
Executive Producer, Battletech LineT. J. Wagner (PAINGOD)
Program ManagerAndrew Brown
Art DirectorHeinz Schuller
Development ManagerJohn Yovin
DevelopmentJacky Chan, Jerry Edsall
Test ManagerJames Mayo
Test TeamTim Duzmal, Prodipto Roy, Jeffrey Kafer, Todd Cody (Volt), Nathan Edson (Volt), Peter Stephens (Volt), Bruce W. Carr Jr. (Volt), Adam Maloy (Volt), Howie Catlin (Volt)
ManualGinny Baldwin (ArtSource), Melanie Henry (Modis), Robert Sillence (Volt)
User TestingBill Fulton, Eric Schuh, Ben Babcock (Siemens Business Services)
Product SupportSteven Kastner
Product PlannersMichael Ahn, Jon B. Kimmich
MarketingDarren Trencher, Lisa Krost, Michelle Jacob
LegalHubert Cheng, Jeff Koontz
LocalizationMarco D'Amico, Lief Thompson, Greg Ward, Michael Ivory, Travis Pengalse, Jason Shirley, Julien Chergui, Kevin Young, Eilis O'Hagan, Jiyoung Kim, Kyoung Ho Han
Associate Program ManagerMichael Turner (ArtSource)
Battletech GuruProdipto Roy

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Credits for this game were contributed by formercontrib (159003) and Zack Green (1185)