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Written by  :  ThE oNe (184)
Written on  :  Dec 30, 2002

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Not the best game ever.......

The Good

Well, Mercenaries, the newest expansion pack in the beloved Mechwarrior series, tries to pack as much fun into the Mechwarrior series. Hopefully it will push it into the top of the huge array of mech games. Unfortunately it isn't perfect.

As well as pro's go, a definite uplift is the arena-battle type mode where you are placed in the arena with other mechs and you battle it out for prize money. This adds a definite good side to the game.

The Bad

Unfortunately, the visuals are showing their age. In the past, Mechwarrior 4 had been great to look at, but with that same engine, it is falling behind from other games.

The missions could also have been a little more varied than simple kill everything till you get there missions.

The Bottom Line

Unfortunately, Mechwarrior 4: Mercenaries isn't the game everyone wanted. If you're a fan of the Mechwarrior series and have blown away countless hours, this is a good way to expand further into the game and get some more mech action. If you're not a die hard fan, I reccomend you stay away. That's why I rate this game a * 2 out of 5 *.