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MechWarrior 4: Mercenaries Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Intro: "In the grim future of Battletech..."
"...there is only war."
Main Menu
Your campaign command center: check out your stats, news and organize your forces for the next mission.
Mechlab: Chassis selection and customization.
Weapon configuration. Those AC20 will mess anyone up at medium-close range.
You can strip or add armor at your leisure (those extra tons can make the difference)
The Free Market: hire lancemates, buy weapons and mechs or simply cash in on your salvage.
Star system selection: Go where the action is.
The orbital view allows you to select the available missions on the current system.
Mission overview with mech and lancemate selection options.
Beginning of Mission
Bombarding an Unsuspecting Flea with Missiles
Sniping a tank with my zoom-view and a PPC.
Enemy 'Mech Blowing Up
Three against one
Smashing a streetlight
Flanking enemies with the aid of the mission map.
I want that bird dead dammit!!
Damned choppers can pose a serious threat if ignored.
Firing a missile salvo.
Two clan lances ready to wage ritual combat
Things are not looking good...
Aaaaand it's over. Meltdown initiated.
Light amplification now comes standard for all mechs (rendering flares completely useless).
Acquiring target lock. Get ready to die clan bastard!
The Solaris IV Coliseum: test your mettle against the best mechwarriors in the galaxy for honor and money.
Full cockpit view.
Death from above with the help of my trusty jump-jets.
Jungle Recon
Beach fight: The flak to my right is actually a LAMS defense system shooting missiles out of the sky.
A little close to use missiles but what the heck...
Directing my lance to scout ahead while we dodge enemy fire.
Knock a mech down and pummel it to ensure a quick kill.