Medal of Honor: Airborne Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Splash screen
Main menu
Prepare to jump.
Land near the green smoke grenade to get full points.
Wasn't good enough for gold wings.
Loading screen
Mission briefing
Change your weapon equipment.
One of the many quotes you are shown before a mission.
The calm before the storm
Fighting through a horde of Italian soldiers.
Landed on top of this guy.
Sniping a machine gunner.
There is a hot grenade in the area.
Taking serious damage.
Clearing the entrance to the house.
Fighting in close quarters.
Using the machine gun to spread some death.
Even guns with unlimited ammo need to reload.
Placing a charge on that AA-gun.
Your vision blurrs very often - especially if you run around.
Made a good hit and got an achievment.
One of the many awards you can get for doing a very good job on the field.
The water looks great.
One more dead American soldier
When red light turns to green, you can jump.
Enemy AA firing.
Nazi elite soldier.
Even a cold handgun kills.
Climbing ladder.
Found some supplies.
Enemy AA gun.
Found health pack.
US soldier firing machine gun.
Throwing mmg grenades.
Destroyed tank.
Green smoke tells where the safety zone is.
Friendly convoy.
Firefight on the bridge.
Stats & Medals.
Sometimes ragdoll physics behave in a funky way.