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Nicely Presented WW2 Run 'n Gun phanboy_iv (137) 4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars
Best WW2 shooter so far, but... Zovni (10648) unrated
A good enjoyable WWII shooter Entorphane (375) 4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars
The best WW2 Shooter to date. Thiago Oliveira (98) 4.83 Stars4.83 Stars4.83 Stars4.83 Stars4.83 Stars
A great game... Stuart Max (9) unrated
Disastrous adventures of Lt. Mike Powell vicrabb (7299) 2.67 Stars2.67 Stars2.67 Stars2.67 Stars2.67 Stars
Superb WW2 FPS single player & MP experiences! John Bowlin (2) unrated

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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the actors' performances in the game (including voice acting). 3.9
AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 3.6
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 4.1
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 4.0
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 3.9
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.1
Overall User Score (136 votes) 3.9

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GamePro (US) (Jan 22, 2002)
Please, for crying out loud, if you like PC shooters, play this game. You won't miss the rocket jumps or the deflector shields, and you'll find yourself playing what could be the best first-person shooter in history. Allied Assault receives, with no hesitation, the highest honor GamePro can award.
Gaming Age (Mar 22, 2002)
Fans of FPS, this game is absolutely necessary to complete your library. It may not have the multiplayer advantages of games such as Unreal Tournament or Counterstrike (yet), but those looking for a solid single-player adventure are in for a treat. You become a soldier fighting in World War II, a single hero who is overshadowed by real enemies amidst an epic backdrop. Medal of Honor: Allied Assault is as real as it gets, and the experience it offers is both fun and memorable. It is truly a first-person game, putting the player first. The developers have put together a wonderfully cohesive and intense package, without leaving behind detail or historic realism. I salute those at EA Games and 2015 for bringing this series to the PC, and here's hoping more will follow.
This game made a believer out of me. Never have I seen such a beautiful game! I really couldn't believe the graphical increase in using a more advanced system. I definitely think this is the best game on PC right now, and it's no wonder that Medal of Honor: Allied Assault won Best of E3.
My personal thanks goes out to 2015 and Electronic Arts for showing me why I got into playing games in the first place. It's unbelievable how great this game is. If you have the hardware to run it – the minimum specification is a 700MHz Pentium III and at times the 1.4GHz system I was using would have a slow moment – then this is the game for you. If you buy one game this year, make sure it is Medal of Honor Allied Assault. And make sure you clear a long time on your calendar because once you start, you won't want to stop. After all, your country is depending on you.
GameZone (Jan 29, 2002)
This is by far one of the best games I have come across, it is beautiful to look at, fantastic to listen to, and a TOTAL BLAST to play! Yes, it does have some flaws, but all games do, it's for you to decide if the few flaws it does have are going to keep you from enjoying this fantastic shooter. This one may stay on top of my game pile for a long long time (that spot is usually reserved for some racing game, yup I'm a racer by nature, but I have ten years of military experience also and this game stirred something in me I haven't felt for a long long time......the urge to blow something up! Seriously, do yourself a favor and get this game!
Seldom has a game made me stand up during play and look at the screen in shocked amazement. Likewise, there has NEVER been a game – on console or PC – that has given me such an intense experience, I’ve actually thought I had a glimpse of what war is really like. Such is Medal of Honor: Allied Assault. Any of the standards set in the FPS genre have been simply obliterated by this game. To put it a little bit into perspective, I’d have to say Allied Assault is hands-down the best first-person shooter ever coded. If you hear differently, whomever you’re listening to is either lying, or a complete jackass.
Joystick (French) (Feb, 2002)
Jamais un shoot n'avait proposé des mises en scène pareilles, une telle ambiance, une telle perfection technique. Certaines missions donnent carrément l'impression d'évoluer au milieu d'un véritable film de guerre, l'interactivité en plus. C'est simple, MOHDA est de loin le meilleur jeu d'action disponible sur PC.
95 (Feb 01, 2002)
Medal of Honor: Allied Assault is the best FPS in years. It's exceptional design succeeds where others fail due to its ability to affect you on a gameplay "fun" level, and a visceral "What if I were REALLY in the middle of this?" emotional level. Bear in mind that this is coming from a veteran gamer who has seen and played it all... twice. It takes that certain something within a product to actually raise the hair on the back of my neck and cause me to back off from the mouse for a moment, and this title delivered exactly that. For some of you, playing this title will clue you in as to what Grandpa has been talking about all these years, and others may actually look at the old man in a completely different way.
IGROMANIA (Mar, 2002)
Medal of Honor — фильм в игре и игра в фильме. Его прохождение можно записать на кассету и смотреть как классный боевик.
PC Gamer UK (Feb, 2002)
It's always the same: you wait years for a decent World War II first-person shooter and then two turn up at once. Closely chasing the jackbooted heels of Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Allied Assault also employs the Quake III engine in its campaign to defeat the Nazi menace. Unlike its contemporary, Allied Assault is happy to set its version of war in the wet sand of realism, leaving the fantastical extrapolation of Nazi occult-obsession to RTCW. Allied Assault is a perfectly positioned and elegantly executed masterpiece. The graphical standard puts it at the leading edge, neatly filling the time before we will see Unreal II and then the first Doom III-engined games. But in terms of its quietly confident plot and outstanding level design, Allied Assault is also quite simply the best FPS we've seen since Half-Life
94 (Sep 14, 2002)
Electronic Arts is entering the First-Person Shooter community with Medal of Honor:Allied Assault, a title which plays during World War 2 and is using the Quake 3:Team Arena engine. Quite a promising setup seeing how well Return to Castle Wolfenstein did and as usual, Electronic Arts doesn’t disappoint.
Svenska PC Gamer (Feb, 2002)
Är du ute efter ett spel som i grunden är en rätt enkel shooter, men som känns som en ordentligt bra film att spela och har precis rätt grad av realism för att kännas autentiskt utan att bli jobbigt, då är Medal Of Honor: Allied Assault precis vad du väntat på. Vill du ha ett nytt Quake eller förväntar dig samma snabba och lättflytande multiplayer som Wolfenstein så blir du nog litet besviken, men jag tror att det medryckande singelplayerläget kommer att gillas av de flesta.
Gameplay (Benelux) (Jan 31, 2002)
Een van de aangrijpenste en meest meeslepende games ooit. Verplichte kost voor iedere gamer!
Pelit (Feb, 2002)
Joissain lehdissä käytettiin kahden vuoden ylisanakiintiö Return to Castle Wolfensteinin yksinpelin ylistämiseen. Mistä nyt superlatiivit, kun Medal of Honor näyttää tylsänpullealle zombijahdille, kuinka toinen maailmansota oikeasti käännetään räiskintäpeliksi?
GameSpy (Jan, 2002)
We've been waiting for years for developers to finally catch on to the concept of pacing in games; to put themselves in the audience's shoes and understand how to constantly keep them engaged without being repetitive. While other recent games like Halo have offered moments of brilliance, Medal Of Honor: Allied Assault starts strong and never lets up. With a combination of great action and cinematic presentation, it's already an early contender to be one of the best games of 2002.
Oldies Rising (May 05, 2011)
Soyons clair : jamais un FPS ne m'avait autant plongé dans son ambiance que ce Medal of Honor Allied Assault, pas même Half Life ou Future Shock! Plus qu'un jeu, MoH est une véritable reconstitution historique permettant de se retrouver au beau milieu du cauchemar vécu par les troupes américaines en France dans les années 40. Le niveau d'immersion dans l'action de cette campagne européenne est tel que vous ressentirez réellement un stress vous prenant aux tripes, sentant la sueur perler sur votre front en essayant, sinon de vaincre le troisième Reich à vous tout seul, du moins de survivre le plus longtemps possible dans cet environnement hautement hostile. Finalement, les deux seuls reproches que l'on pourrait adresser au titre seraient un certain manque de liberté, ainsi qu'une durée de vie quelque peu limitée (notamment en raison de l'absence d'un mode multijoueurs digne de ce nom).
If you want to feel as if you were actually fighting during World War II in a totally engrossing interactive experience, you cannot do better than playing Medal of Honor. While some might gripe about the omnipresent scripting, tight linearity of the gameplay, inconsistent realism, or the less than stellar artificial intelligence, these deficiencies do not ruin the overwhelming emotional impact of this title. Although no individual element is truly novel, the composite presented offers a completly fresh experience. Every scene literally drips with well-crafted atmosphere, and many are so memorable they will stay with you for days after you finish. In the end, this release deserves a medal of honor for heroic effort.
Medal of Honor Allied Assault is a riveting, visceral experience that no gamer should miss.
Frictionless Insight (Mar 26, 2002)
The single-player campaign in MoH:AA is a deeply immersive, cinematic experience that pushes you to play ever longer. It is well paced, maintaining a sense of tension and excitement throughout, enhanced by an incredible sound scheme with orchestral music and reasonably intelligent foes set in clever missions. The multiplayer game is not nearly as impressive, but MoH:AA is a worthwhile purchase.
PC Zone Benelux (Feb, 2002)
Medal of Honor: Allied Assault is qua gameplay wat langzamer, maakt mee gebruik van stealth en speelt zich voornamelijk outdoor af. Kortom: het zijn twee totaal verschillende games. En dat is maar goed ook. Ieder zijn smaak. En onthoud: Over smaak valt niet te twisten.
Gamezilla (Jan 29, 2002)
Medal of Honor is a first person shooter for all of those fans of Return to Castle Wolfenstein that were hoping for a realism lost in id's world of undead and demons, a game that relies instead on the real horrors of a war that cost thousands their lives and a world its innocence. Soaked in detailed graphics and nerve-wracking sound effects, this is a game for the hardcore gamer who wants to be a part of World War II for better or worse.
GameSpot (Jan 23, 2002)
So, if you're looking for the next great online game or a deep tactical shooter, Medal of Honor isn't for you. For anyone else, it's hard to recommend it strenuously enough. At a time when shooters seem to be evolving into two distinct kinds of games--either focused on realistic tactics or on arcade action--Medal of Honor represents the absolute best that action-packed, event-driven shooters have to offer.
89 (Feb 23, 2002)
Wer die beiden Konsolenvorgänger kennt, kann bedenkenlos zuschlagen. Aber auch alt eingesessene PC-Shooter-Fans werden nicht enttäuscht. Selten war ein Action-Spiel - nicht zuletzt aufgrund des beklemmenden Szenarios, der gelungenen Grafik und der bombastischem Soundeffekte - so packend. Medal of Honor: Allied Assault zählt klar zu den absoluten Perlen dieses Quartals. Wer immer noch Kaufzweifel hat, sollte sich schleunigst die Demo runterladen und sich selbst von der 1A-Qualität des Spiels überzeugen!
ActionTrip (Feb 08, 2002)
However, even though Medal of Honor: Allied Assault can be considered a classic, the overal impression is somewhat blemished by a rather bleak and abrupt ending. After a couple of days of playing, all you will get is a screen saying 'The End', followed by some credits, and then the main menu! After a game designed in such detail, who would think that creating a decent cinematic sequence would pose that much of a problem to the authors!? This disappointment can be made up for by playing the multiplayer mode, which frankly brings nothing new. It has a DM, Team DM, round-based and the somewhat more interesting team objective mods. Some of the better servers support up to 64 players per game, which promises a good multiplayer experience. Medal of Honor: Allied Assault is definitely a game that will leave a mark on the gaming scene. It is marvelous what you can get by adding great atmosphere and a good AI to a barely interactive shooter.
Medal of Honor is boven alles een ren-en-shiet-shooter, maar dan wel de allerbeste ren-en-schiet-shooter van de laatste jaren. Slimme voorafgeschreven gebeurtenissen en prachtig georchestreerd oorlogsgeweld duwt het game vooruit met een intensiteit en spanning waaraan het vele tactische shooters soms ontbreekt.
PC Games (Germany) (Feb 17, 2002)
(German version)
Ich habe Medal of Honor bereits zwei Mal durchgespielt und bin nun schon im dritten Anlauf. Electronic Arts’ Ego-Shooter spielt sich nicht nur wie ein Kinofilm, ich kann ihn auch genau wie Kino-Klassiker immer wieder sehen - beziehungsweise spielen. Allerdings ist das Action-Epos stellenweise fast genauso beklemmend wie Kriegsfilme vom Schlage eines Soldat James Ryan. Return to Castle Wolfenstein ist wegen des abgedrehten Szenarios leichter verdaulich. Die Lokalisierungs-Abteilung hat durchweg gute bis sehr gute Arbeit abgeliefert. Gerade die im Original schlicht geniale Klangkulisse ist auch in der deutschen Version ein Traum. Und dass die Gegner blutleer sind, ist mir schon früher nicht negativ aufgefallen. Für Action-Fans führt an Medal of Honor kein Weg vorbei.
GameStar (Germany) (Feb, 2002)
Klares Highlight in Medal of Honor sind die abwechslungsreichen Missionen. Es wirkt ungeheuer echt, dass nicht ständig nur geballert wird. Besonders einige der ruhigeren, taktischeren Einsätze haben es mir deshalb angetan, etwa die Verteidigung des französischen Brückenkopfes. Ein wenig zu langweilig sind mir allerdings die Waffen. Egal, mit welcher MP ich antrete oder ob ich zur Schrotflinte greife – fast immer räume ich mit dem Scharfschützengewehr am effektivsten auf. Außerdem hätte eine richtige Story noch für ein Quäntchen mehr Motivation gesorgt. Letztlich ist das für mich einer der wenigen Punkte, in dem Wolfenstein wirklich besser ist. Auch der Multiplayer-Teil gefällt mir dort besser, weil er mit seinem Klassensystem langfristig mehr Möglichkeiten bietet. Aber sei es drum: Sie mögen Actionspiele, in denen nicht nur Dauerfeuer gefragt ist? Dann greifen Sie zu!
PC Action (Jan 08, 2002)
Hallo? Ich renne aus Fort Schmerzen raus, das Bild blendet weg und plötzlich steht da nur: ’The End’. Hey, da krieg ich echt Schmerzen! Was’n das für’n Schluss? Soll ich mir aus den Haaren, die ich mir wegen dieses schnöden Schriftzugs ausgerissen hab, selbst ’ne Endsequenz häkeln? Schade, denn der Rest stimmt - besonders die eindringliche Atmosphäre und die abwechslungsreichen Missionen. Ein bisschen verliebt habe ich mich in den Kompass, der meines Erachtens nach (Achtung, Wortspiel!) eine wegweisende Lösung für alle Ego-Shooter wäre: endlich perfekte Glückseligkeit für alle Orientierungsdeppen!
PC Games (Germany) (Jan 26, 2002)
Medal of Honor löst das Versprechen vom interaktiven Film endlich ein. Story, Missionsdesign und Actionszenen sind absolut kinoreif. Dafür sorgen vor allem die vielen vorgeplanten Ereignisse. Als bei der Invasion in der Normandie plötzlich das Landungsboot neben meinem von einer Granate getroffen in die Luft flog, habe ich am Monitor unwillkürlich den Kopf eingezogen. Mir haben vor allem die Missionen gefallen, in denen ich nicht ständig den Finger am Abzug hatte. Schade nur, dass ich alles so schnell durchgespielt hatte. Nach dem furiosen Beginn und den beklemmend wirklichkeitsnahen Einsätzen in Frankreich ist das Ende wirklich eine Enttäuschung. Insgesamt gefällt mir Medal of Honor trotzdem besser als Return to Castle Wolfenstein, schon allein wegen des weniger hektischen Mehrspielermodus.
85 (Feb 25, 2002)
Zahlreiche geskriptete Ereignisse sorgen für eine beeindruckend realistische Atmosphäre und ein glaubwürdiges Szenario. Und die absolut bombastische Grafik verbunden mit einer spannungserzeugenden orchestralen Musik lässt den Spieler komplett in die Spielwelt eintauchen. Die Missionen bringen zwar keine neuen Anreize oder Akzente ins Genre, sind aber schön in Szene gesetzt und die Mischung ist gelungen - auch wenn das Ende viel zu abrupt kommt. Auf den höheren Schwierigkeitsgraden ist Medal of Honor: Allied Assault durchaus eine Herausforderung und lädt aufgrund der hohen Detaildichte zum nochmaligen Spielen an. Die Spielzeit ist im Gegensatz zu Return to Wolfenstein deutlich länger geraten, aber mehr als neun bis zehn Stunden wird ein routinierter Shooter-Fan nicht brauchen.
Absolute Games ( (Jan 19, 2002)
Воспринимать MoH как единое целое невозможно. В голове всплывают отдельные фрагменты и без того не связанных друг с другом эпизодов. Нервные поиски снайперов под проливным дождем на улицах французского городка. Нормандия, перебежки от "ежа" к "ежу" между песочными дорожками от пуль и смерть-смерть-смерть-смерть вокруг. Скотина напарник, стоя рядом со мной, швырнул гранату себе под ноги; он выжил, я — нет. Полет тела, подброшенного в воздух минометным залпом на добрый десяток метров, завораживает. Река, напоминающая окрашенную в синий цвет ВПП аэродрома. Гаденышей-пулеметчиков в белых маскхалатах почти не видно в зимнем лесу. Безумно весело расстреливать самолеты из установленного на джипе пулемета калибра .30 и разносить танковыми залпами вечно пустые фермерские домики. Гуляя по базе Трондхайм в немецкой форме, напоролся на эсэсовского офицера, показал не тот паспорт и умер без суда и следствия. It's a love-hate thing. Такой она нам и запомнится.
85 (Aug 29, 2006)
Medal Of Honor. A quel joueur assidu ce nom n’évoque t-il rien ? Un nom presque aussi connu dans le monde des jeux vidéo que des sagas telles qu’Age Of Empires, Battlefield ou encore Flight Simulator dans leurs domaines respectifs. Un nom à défendre donc, un nom à honorer. En 2000, il faisait fureur sur PlayStation ; aujourd’hui, c’est dans le monde du PC que les agents de l’Office of Strategic Service débarquent. Et ils ont bien l’intention de marquer le coup.
Netjak (Feb 22, 2002)
Maybe I was spoiled by spending the last two months glued to Ghost Recon, or maybe it was the exploitation of the Quake III engine. Whatever it was, MOH:AA just didn't feel right to me. The porting of a console-based game to the PC just didn't flow right.
80 (UK) (Feb 24, 2002)
Allied Assault isn't quite the seminal World War II action game we were hoping for and the final product is rather uneven. It has moments of pure genius, but these are accompanied by occasionally sloppy level design and scripting, particularly in the later stages of the game. If you can overlook these flaws Allied Assault should be at the top of your shopping list, and even if you can't forgive them it's probably still worth playing just for the excellent multiplayer support and the first few hours of the single player campaign, which ranks as arguably the most immersive first person shooter experience ever. If only the rest of the campaign had maintained those high standards we could have been looking at the game of the year.
80 (Feb 01, 2002)
En clair ce Medal Of Honor se veut un excellent shooter bénéficiant d'une action variée et rythmée qui donnera envie d'en venir à bout très vite, sans doute même trop vite. Les amateurs de jeu en multijoueur risquent en revanche de vite en épuiser les ressources alors que c'est finalement la campagne solo, certes trop courte, qui se veut pratiquement la plus captivante. Le gameplay se veut finalement assez original pour la catégorie et on signalera également un niveau d'I.A tout simplement hallucinant qui contribuera à une immersion totale dans cet univers.
70 PC Gaming (Oct 25, 2002)
Medal of Honor – Allied Assault or MOH-AA; where should I begin? When I first had a look at the game in the computer store, I thought “It looks ok but is it any better than any other first person shooter single player like Return to Castle Wolfenstein or Alien Vs Predator 2 ?” Well, it was a good buy for $35 (previously owned).