Medal of Honor: Allied Assault Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Startup screen
Main menu
Training mission
The tank has been destroyed :)
Practicing with the pistol...
...the sub-machinegun...
... the sniper rifle...
... and the machine gun :)
Mission briefing
Night mission
In-mission briefing by our squad leader
My comrades - we are sitting in a truck, waiting for the action...
"Ihren Führerschein bitte!" - the Nazi checks the (fake) driver's license
Approaching the Nazi fort
Swastika symbols - they won't pass the German feds anyway, I suppose :(
Inside the Nazi fort
Now I have a machine gun!
Clearing off the Kraut assault
A surprise behind the door
A meeting
I suppose the meeting is over, hehe :)
Huh?!? Who the hell is THAT guy?
Up the stairs...
... where we'll find our "mission objective", the captured agent.
Trying to escape
Getting into the light will kill you - so the agent shows me how to avoid them
Poor kraut dude - he didn't make it against the two of us, hehe
Campaign map
Protecting the tank
Enemies ahead in the church
Brother in arms
The beatiful French countryside
Doing some co-operative Nazi hunting with a rescued pilot.
A pilot's plane, landed in the darkness
Enemy half-truck rentered useless
Game almost finished...
Flak gun destroyed
Omaha beach
Looks like I have to break the Atlantic Wall myself.
Most annoying part of the game coming up...
Behind enemy lines
Turning a village into rubble
Fighting inside a house, jerrys hiding behind the desk
MG42 meat grinder
Another day, another AA gun to destroy
Anti-tank weapon
Ambush on nazi
Little bug in game
Sneaking in tunnel
Omaha beach