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Mega Man X4 Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title Screen
Title Screen (Japanese)
Player Select
Player Select (Japanese)
Level Selection Screen (Mega Man X)
Level Selection Screen (Zero)
Item screen for X
X charges up his weapon- Rising Fire- and kills an enemy
Zero in a Flying Machine.
Zero battles a boss- Storm Owl
Zero learns new skill after killing Storm Owl
Dr White tells X to enter the Capsule for the Ultimate Armor..
X uses Twin Slasher
X fires Lightning web
X uses Frost Tower
X targets an enemy with Aiming Laser
X uses Double Cyclone
X charges up Ground Hunter... Powerful, eh?
X fires his charged Plasma X Buster
X activates Nova Strike... the best attack ever. Oh! He hits the enemy too!
X defeats General
X attacks Hooded Sigma
An exciting battle between X and Humanoid Sigma
X battles 2 headed Sigma...
I told you there were 2 Sigmas... Here's the second one being hit by X!