MegaRace: MR3 Credits


ChairmanJean-Martial Lefranc
Creation DirectorPhilippe Ulrich
Production DirectorEric Mallet
Concept, Production, Management and other stuffFlorian Desforges
Main ProgrammerPatrice Zink (PS2 master), Vincent Beauvois (PC master)
Programmer FX, Network, Camera System, VideoMathieu Chopin
Programmer Tools, Sound, Load/Save SystemHervé Ferreira
Programmer DynamicMathieu Chopin
Interface ProgrammingStéphane Lombard
Level ProgrammingStéphane Lombard, Sébastien Rogerat, Hervé Ferreira
Additional ProgrammingMichel Janecki, Toni Doublet
Art DirectionJosé-Manuel Garcia Estan
Art DesignJessy Nourry
Additional DesignElisio Da Costa
Megaracer DesignBernard Bittler
Graphics Artist 2D&3DDavid Bercier, Marcel Cazentre, Thierry Carado, Patrice Peyronnet, Jean-Michel Tanneau, Emmanuel Serratrice
Graphic Artist 2DFranck Guyomar
AnimatorJean-Michel Tanneau
FX Graphic ArtistDavid Bercier
Additional GraphicsPatrick Perret du Cray
Final Game Design TeamDavid Chiquet, Franck Signes
Additional Game DesignAyrald Anneron, Cuong Vuong
Sound ManagerJean-Baptiste Merland
Sound DesignerSébastien Gaillard
Original MusicEric Los
Console ManagerPierre-Eric Loriaux
Technical Direction Studio ManagerBruno Galet
DT ProgrammingStéphane Petit, Olivier Carado, Arnaud Chainard
DT GraphicPhilippe Lamoureux, Thierry Pellegrini, Ludovic Chabant
AI StudioPascal Urro, Babacar Tall, Emmanuel Marchand
Epita Network "negotiator" ProgrammingPierre-Yves Strub
Video Production Executive Producer (Cryo)Florian Desforges, Guillaume Pierre
Sketch Script‑writerJohan K. Robson
StoryboardNicolas Hess
ActorChristian Erickson (Lance Boyle)
Production StudioWinwin Prod
Testing Department HeadJean-Luc Hadi
TestersHugues Miraux, Pascal Merckhoffer
Localization ManagementFrédérique Faucher, Pascal Merckhoffer
Business Development ManagerAlain Briand
Area Export ManagersPhilippe Rickenberger, Ghislain Pagès
Export AssistantsClaire Delalande, Jana Dal Zotto Boff
France Commercial ManagerGilles Depaigne
Commercial Coordination ManagerFrédérique Barkoff
Commercial AssistantMélina Karamoh
Processing and Purchasing DepartmentCarine Lapouméroulie, Bastien Lepetit, Sidi Benlarbi, Fabien Tanguis, Laurence Nouaihler, Vanessa Malatesta
Marketing DirectorMichel Mimran
Brand ManagerWilfrid Vinmer
Assisted ByJérôme Benzadon, Odile Mousseau
Marketing Art DirectorJosé Fouzar-Alcala
And...Thomas Jardini, Patrick Marchal, Benoit Grandry, David Delaigle
Press RelationsNicolas Swiatek
Communication AgencyComVitamine
Thanks ToOur friends at Havok, Criterion, Winwin, Epita, Proksim

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Frédérique Barkoff, 40 other games
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Nicolas Swiatek, 29 other games
Bastien Lepetit, 28 other games
Ludovic Chabant, 26 other games
Pascal Merckhoffer, 26 other games
Frédérique Faucher, 23 other games
Johan K. Robson, 23 other games
Olivier Carado, 21 other games
Pascal Urro, 19 other games
Bruno Galet, 19 other games
Nicolas Hess, 19 other games
Thomas Jardini, 17 other games


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Credits for this game were contributed by Sciere (507600)