Men in Black: The Game Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Scene from the intro movie. The cinematics have a comic book feel to them
Title screen
Prior to joining the MiB, J answers a call about a break-in.
What happens when you fail to disarm a bomb in the apartment: you fly like a majestic eagle
Search defeated enemies for scarce ammo.
J beat the alien he was chasing, and gets neuralyzed by K.
He's now Agent J of the Men in Black.
Close up on the model for K
K arrives at an arctic base. What's that running in the background?
Hit the space bar to interact with objects.
Checking outside. Lots of "cinematic" camera angles.
Some objects must then be clicked on to interact with.
Inventory screen
The game lets you carry a weapon in one hand, and an item in the other.
Documents shed additional light on the story.
Found an underground alien bunker
Who are all these people in storage?
Looks like the aliens have been harvesting brains!
Visit the armory between levels to pick up an additional weapon.
Agent L inside the MiB base.
L arrives in the Amazon.
Tabloids slyly reference your previous mission.
Inside a small village.
I wonder if the locals are friendly. (Hint: they're not).
Searching for clues in a medical tent.
Heading deep into the mines.
Timing puzzle where you must jump to moving platforms.
Agent J solves a puzzle in the third mission.
Investigating a hidden complex.
Fighting a thug, who turns out to be a bug!
Facing off against a mechanized guardian.