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atari kombinera

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90 (Apr 29, 2014)
Když jde obsah a forma ruku v ruce, je to vždycky radost. Když se ale navíc potká staré s novým a nějakým zázrakem to skvěle funguje, můžeme hovořit o zázraku. Přesně takovým je střílečka Mercenary Kings.
Destructoid (Apr 01, 2014)
Mercenary Kings is a game that keeps on giving with its breadth of content. Combining the mission structure from Monster Hunter with the gameplay of Metal Slug is a brilliant idea, and one that has paid off in spades. The bland mission objectives and lack of enemy variety quickly become obvious, but the constant pull of making better and better equipment is incredibly strong and will keep players coming back for more. A wonderful aesthetic and strong sense of progression make Mercenary Kings an excellent experience, whether playing alone or with friends.
Polygon (Apr 09, 2014)
Mercenary Kings hides a lot of content and depth if you can get over the repetition.
IGN Italia (Apr 02, 2014)
Mercenary Kings è un sentito omaggio al passato di Konami: Tribute si inchina, con riverenza, al cospetto di Contra e non stravolge una formula ludica a dir poco granitica. Lo sviluppatore canadese, con maestria, si limita, con piccoli interventi strutturali, a renderla attuale, svecchiandola dove necessario. Nasce così uno sparatutto a scorrimento frenetico, istintivo e dalla longevità eccellente, dotato di pregevoli valori di produzione, sublimati dal sabba di pixel, curato da Paul Robertson.
Meristation (Apr 03, 2014)

Mercenary Kings coge muchas cosas de los clásicos shooters2D tipo Metal Slug pero le da una vuelta de tuerca, apostando no tanto por la acción frenética sino también dejando un sitio importante para la exploración. [,,,] Pero la experiencia en sí–mucho mejor en compañía- acaba bajando enteros en términos generales debido a que las mecánicas y escenarios se repiten en exceso y puede acabar hastiando superada la mitad del título.
IGN (Apr 25, 2014)
Mercenary Kings is old-school, yet modern, providing players with a difficult and rewarding side-scrolling shooter.
Game Informer Magazine (Mar 25, 2014)
Mercenary Kings is a testament to the idea that you can get too much of a good thing. The slick art, old-school shooting, and deep customization options are immensely fun, as are the stages that you play through – the first few times. As it is, this style of shooting action feels like it’s stretched thin over such a lengthy campaign, and some of the missions might have been more fun if I hadn’t already explored the maps so thoroughly. That tedium certainly isn’t enough for me to warn people away from such a richly illustrated tribute to the roots of the shooter.
LevelUp (Apr 18, 2014)
Si describiera Mercenary Kings, diría que es una carta de amor a los videojuegos escrita por cada uno de los desarrolladores involucrados en el proyecto. La entrega ofrece acción nostálgica para los gamers que ya tienen cierto kilometraje recorrido y que vivieron las glorias de los juegos de 8 y 16 bits, y, sin embargo, su diseño lo vuelve una sólida opción para cualquier jugador.
GameFront (Aug 06, 2013)
[Early Access review] On one side, there’s a beautiful art style, involved crafting system, entertaining cooperative play, and interesting bosses. On the other, there’s plodding grind, stiff movement, and lack of depth. Mercenary Kings is a game where the good outweighs the bad, and while it comes out ahead by virtue of the sheer joy and polish of pixelated murder, it’s not quite as fun as it could be.
Hooked Gamers (Mar 27, 2014)
Despite this, games like Mercenary Kings still continue to do well in sales. They remind us enough of the 'good old days' to suck us in for at least a short amount of time. The replay value for Mercenary Kings isn't great, but for that initial ride it's been a great throwback to my childhood. While the developers may have missed their overall mark of mixing retro style with a story and a crafting system, what they did manage to pull off was the core game itself. That's more than I could ask for in an era where it's rare to find a game that is worth your time.
70 (Apr 03, 2014)
Mercenary Kings is een aardige game die het action shooter-genre op een originele manier benadert. Sommige onderdelen zijn echter wat matig uitgewerkt waardoor de game af en toe saai en traag aanvoelt. Een zonde in het snelle 2D-actie wereldje.
Edge (Apr 08, 2014)
If only Tribute had focused more on what Mercenary Kings does well. Robertson’s work is as eye-catching as ever, the crunchy chiptune soundtrack is marvellous, and the action is engrossing enough to make you briefly forget the bloat that surrounds it. But as a whole, Mercenary Kings is a case study in the perils of Early Access. The need to provide a steady flow of content to early buyers has birthed a glut of superfluous systems and a swollen set of missions – the wrong sort of substance to accompany Robertson’s style.
GameStar (Germany) (Jan, 2014)
(Early Access version)
Lässt man die Nostalgie-Retro-Brille mal links liegen, ist Mercenary Kings bisher nicht uneingeschränkt zu empfehlen. Die Run-and-Gun-Action macht zwar (gerade mit Freunden) Laune, aber viele Missionen unterscheiden sich nur im Auftragsziel, nicht im Layout des Levels. So suche ich mal eine Geisel oder knalle acht Sniper zu Klump, latsche dabei aber mühsam durch dieselben Areale und suche den letzten Feind. Das wird schnell fad und so ganz ohne Nostalgie-Brille geht’s bei so einer Hommage eben doch nicht: Man erwartet einfach die Geschwindigkeit und Leichtigkeit eines Metal Slug, und da steht Mercenary Kings bisher leider hinten an.

atari kombinera