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The Messenger Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Your character, Morganna. Here she listens to her father's recorded message in the intro movie.
This wild-eyed fellow is a Templar.
Main Menu
Loading a saved game from one of the 8 slots
8 items (plus the 4 key artifacts) can be carried at any one time in inventory.
Morganna just after breaking into the Louvre.
Morganna meets the ghostly "good guy".
A magnifying glass appears when you can look at something more closely.
A close-up of Morganna in her Middle-Ages garb.
Morganna will change in and out of costumes to fit her current time period. This is her "Middle Ages" attire.
A small, secret library in the Louvre's Middle Ages.
Solve this puzzle to get into the Royal Treasury.
Lovely Morgan in another period costume
Night in the 17th century Louvre Courtyard
The King's Bedroom
Point to someone and, if you can talk to them, this cursor will appear
An elaborate decoration around a simple door