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Messiah Credits

116 people (89 developers, 27 thanks)

The Creators

Lead Programmer Michael Saxs Persson (Genesis 33:12)
Arch-Programmers Torgeir Hagland (Exodus 32:4), Tony Bennett (Exodus 27:4)
Lead Level ScripterDavid Msika (1 Kings 6:38)
Level Scripting Joe Virskus (1 Corinthians 3:10), Andrew Delap (John 1:41), Timothy Hays (John 10:20), Søren Hannibal
Level Design & Layout Michael Damien (Matthew 13:35), Daniel Chevalier (Ezekiel 43:11), Shawn Berryhill (1 Kings 7:9), E. Christian Felts (Psalms 88:18), Sigbjørn Remi Galåen, Neil Hong (from Big Grub / Luke 16:9)
3D Character Designs & Models Darran Hurlbut (2 Thessalonians 3:9)
Lead Animator Gabriel Rountree (Daniel 8:16)
Arch-Animators Christer Sveen (Genesis 2:7), Kevin Munroe (Genesis 19:20), Alain Maindron (Genesis 8:19)
Messiah Box concept Michael Damien (Matthew 13:35)
Game Design (As Prophesized by Michael Damien)Team Ego - 2 Chronicles 24:13
Character Conversion and InfluencingChris Naves (Exodus 31:6)

The Apostles

Film & Video Presentation Scott Barrett (Acts 16:9)
MusicJesper Kyd (Daniel 3:15), Fear Factory - Isaiah 30:32, [:Side Effekt:] / Travesti - 1 Samuel 16:16, Tommy Tallarico Studios, Dave Howard
Sound Effects Tommy Tallarico (Amos 5:23), Joey Kuras (Leviticus 26:36)
Computer Generated Movie ArtistKlaus Lyngeled (2 Chronicles 2:7)

Shiny Entertainment

PresidentDavid Perry
ProducerStuart Roch
Line ProducerJay Nielsen
WebmasterMiss M


Box & Manual DesignRowleys: London

Interplay Productions

PresidentBrian Fargo
Executive ProducerTrish Wright
Producer, Interplay U.K.Sarah Thompson
Public and Media RelationsLisa Bucek-Jensen, Scott Herrington
Product MarketingSteve Fowler
Director of Quality AssuranceJeremy S. Barnes
Quality Assurance ManagersGreg Baumeister, Michael Motoda, David Simons
Project SupervisorJeremy Ray, Douglas Finch, Damien Evans, Robert Giampa
Senior TestersScot Humphreys, Kevin Osburn
TestersIsmael Quijano, Richard Avalos, Eric Chung, Savina Greene, John Kirkland, Harold Kim, Mark Holtzclaw, Asher Luisi, Amy Avery, Adam Parker, Brian Mitsoda
Traffic ManagerSherry LaVertu
Manual Design and LayoutTracie D. Martin
Compatibility TechniciansDerek Gibbs, John Parker, David Parkyn, Joshua Walters

Special Thanks

Special thanks to all the people who have contributed to Messiah and helped make the title a realityBrad Hartke, Justine Corradino, Pamela McSwain, Luis Gigliotti, Joey Kuras, Elaine Paiva, Lynel Brown, Tommy François, Robert Wright, Nicole Maringer, Clay Rivers, Pete Testa, Steve Carlson, Dave Howard, Scott Burfitt, Michael Lewis, Shaun Chevalier, Patrick Berryhill, Stuart Shakesby, Sean O'Neill
Messiah Voice TalentScott Barrett, Patrick Berryhill, Shawn Berryhill, Lynel Brown, Shaun Chevalier, Jennifer Jarvis-Chevalier, Justine Corradino, Craig Drageset, Brad Franklin, Luis Gigliotti, Joey Kuras, Chris Naves, Michael Pacholik, Elaine Palva, David Perry, Michael Saxs Persson, Jay Nielsen, Nathan Renich, Stuart Roch, Gabriel Rountree, Tommy Tallarico, Mishel Thorpe, Joe Virskus
And finally, a Special Thanks to the companies who have generously supported us throughout Messiah's developmentIntel Corporation, Creative Labs Inc., NVidia Corporation, 3DFX Interactive Inc., Advanced Micro Devices Inc., Microsoft Corporation, S3 / Diamond

Virgin Interactive Entertainment

Lead Product ManagerHarvey Lee
Public RelationsAllison Grant
Localisation ManagerHarald Simon
Quality Assurance LeadPhilip McDonnell
Lead TesterSarah Thompson
PlaytestingPhilip Matthews, Steven Frazer, Drew Waldegrave, Roy Gay, Tim Wileman

Other Games

In addition to this game, the following people are listed as working on other games. No more than 25 people are listed here, even if there are more than 25 people who have also worked on other games.

Jeremy S. Barnes, 236 other games
Michael Motoda, 215 other games
Tim Wileman, 125 other games
Brian Fargo, 105 other games
Tommy Tallarico, 94 other games
Tommy François, 85 other games
Joey Kuras, 77 other games
Jesper Kyd, 70 other games
Derek Gibbs, 69 other games
Philip McDonnell, 60 other games
Greg Baumeister, 53 other games
Steven Frazer, 51 other games
Harald Simon, 51 other games
Stuart Roch, 45 other games
Douglas Finch, 44 other games
Joshua Walters, 43 other games
David Perry, 39 other games
Trish Wright, 38 other games
Scott Burfitt, 37 other games
John Kirkland, 33 other games
Lisa Bucek-Jensen, 33 other games
Kevin Osburn, 31 other games
Savina Greene, 31 other games
David Parkyn, 31 other games
Jeremy Ray, 29 other games


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Credits for this game were contributed by Matthew Bailey (1277), Freeman (58612), formercontrib (158858), Riamus (8519) and Scott Burfitt (21)