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Like a Hollywood movie: a lot of hype, pretty to look at but nothing inside. woods01 (163) 3.2 Stars3.2 Stars3.2 Stars3.2 Stars3.2 Stars
One of the Greatest games of all time!! Matthew Bailey (1268) 5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars

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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the voice or video acting. 3.8
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 3.6
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 3.8
Graphics The visual quality of the game 3.6
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.9
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.8
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 4.0
Overall User Score (73 votes) 3.8

Critic Reviews

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Thunderbolt Games (Mar 12, 2004)
Hype has always been a dual-bladed sword for the entertainment industry. It always creates interest in the product, but when there is too much hype peoples’ expectations are raised to extreme proportions. Then, the inevitable backlash occurs and the said product becomes critically lambasted. In 1998, Metal Gear Solid was the most hyped up gaming event of the year. Expectations were raised to incredible heights, but something happened with this game that rarely happens to heavily anticipated videogames or products in other mediums; it totally delivered on all the hype. And now this game has finally reached PC.
Game Vortex (Jan 31, 2003)
Despite the somewhat aged graphics, Metal Gear Solid is an example of a Game Done Right. As you play it, you may come across a (very few) things that you think could have been improved, but never do you feel that the game could have truly been 'better.' Sure, it's a little short, but it's supposed to be like a movie. And with the superb voice-acting, action-packed gameplay, and much-improved graphics, it's really, really hard to go wrong with Metal Gear Solid. Although those who own the two PlayStation titles may not feel the need for a new purchase, those with only one of them (or none of them, for that matter) need to get this game.
PGNx Media (Aug 26, 2002)
One of the biggest epics for the PS-X and one of the best ever... Metal Gear Solid was the first game actually devoted to the series in eleven years, and there was some wonder as to how good this one could possibly be. Well, after over two years of development and a few near crashes in 1997, this game was ready for release, and the response, like the game, was truly epic and beyond proportions. Nobody had ever seen a game like this with so much dialogue (100,000) and a game that was designed to have more watching than playing, and throwing in an ingenious plot along with it. This game was one for the ages.
Gamer's Pulse (Oct 19, 2000)
I love this game. The story, characterization and gameplay have made me giddy with anticipation of MGS2. Although the graphics were not stellar, they were not bad at all. The sound (and particularly the voice acting) was also very lovely. Technically speaking, the game runs much, much better than my car. Now that the game is on PC in addition to the PSX, there really is no excuse not to buy it. Since this review is over, go do so, NOW!
Reset (Nov, 2000)
METAL GEAR SOLID jest grą o niesamowitej sile przyciągania, fabule, która wsysa i klimacie, który nie pozwala oderwać się od monitora. Obojętne, czy ktoś grał w konsolową wersję czy nie - powinien zagrać na PC. Stawiam MGS na czele stawki podążającej po trofeum gry roku. Jestem pewien, ze przewodzi nie tylko w moim rankingu.
The constantly changing and morphing storyline will keep you interested and in stitches (unintentionally). The dialogue is rife with sexual suggestion, as Snake is constantly hitting on any female who appears on his comlink. While in Japan, the game’s sexual tension and symbolism were well received and made perfect sense; in the U.S., it’s a bit like watching a Godzilla movie: The action’s great. but the characters car get annoying and laughable. That doesn’t necessarily make MGS any less of a game. In some cases, it makes it more enjoyable, much the same way the original RESIDENT EVIL, was loved for its B-movie-style cut-scenes. If you can get past some of the preachier moments, there really is a decent message behind the MGS script. It remains to be seen, however, if gamers will accept videogames with a moral to their stories. Fortunately, with a great game like METAL GEAR SOLID leading the way, we may soon see more social awareness and poetic storytelling in our games.
IGN (Sep 26, 2000)
This has been a long time coming. After hearing console gamers brag about having one of the most innovative titles in years, PC gamers can not only reply like snobs about having a crispier version of the original title, but about having the unreleased Integral version of the title as well. Take that PlayStation. As a PC gamer it was easier to ignore the merits of Zelda, another groundbreaker released the same year, because it was just plain foreign to a PC crowd used to realism (well, other PC gamers -- you are talking to someone who grades titles on the butt to mushroom potential). But Metal Gear was right up our alley -- the plotline was adult, the weapons were spot on perfect, and the action took a good brain and an itchy trigger. Perfect stuff for the PC... and so we waited. And waited. And waited some more. Now it's finally out for the PC -- but two years later, does Metal Gear still hold up? Yes.
GamePro (US) (Nov 24, 2000)
With all the fabulous games available for the PC, it's not often that a console title makes PC gamers jealous. But every once in a while, a game like Metal Gear Solid comes along with a gripping story and intense gameplay that makes PC gamers turn a little green.
GameSpy (Sep 27, 2000)
Hideo Kojima's Metal Gear legacy is one of the most revered series in video gaming history, and at long last, Microsoft has brought the awesome PlayStation game faithfully to the PC platform. For those of you not familiar with Solid Snake and the Metal Gear crew, it's worth understanding that every game in the Metal Gear series has pushed the boundaries of game design to new limits. This is especially true of Metal Gear Solid, and when the original PlayStation title was released a few years ago, the game was met with critical acclaim, and was said to take interactive video gaming to a new level.
GameStar (Germany) (Nov, 2000)
Und auch wenn die Speicher-Funktion konsolentypisch nicht voll zufriedenstellend ist und die 3D-Grafik mit ihren Playstation-Texturen nicht übers Mittelmaß hinauskommt – MGS gehört zu den besten und originellsten Spielen, die mir je unter die Tester-Finger gekommen sind. Der mega-spannende Agenten-Thriller ist definitiv ein Muss für jeden Genre-Fan, der nicht nur auf Optik achtet.
GameStar (Germany) (Dec, 2000)
(German version) Im Großen und Ganzen ist die Übersetzung aber in Ordnung. Das kann man von den Stimmen der Synchronsprecher leider nicht behaupten. Jeder Actionfilm von der Stange klingt besser. Snakes Stimme wirkt ziemlich aufgesetzt, von der nervtötenden Mei Ling gar nicht erst zu sprechen. Der Rest dümpelt auf Hörspielniveau. Schade, denn dadurch geht schon einiges vom Flair des Originals flöten, weshalb wir ein Wertungsprozent abziehen. Sofern Sie gut Englisch können, sollten Sie der US-Fassung den Vorzug geben.
Power Unlimited (Nov, 2000)
Iedere PC bezitter die deze PSX klassieker nog niet eerder heeft ervaren, verplicht ik deze game te spelen. Dit moet je hebben meegemaakt.
Absolute Games (AG.ru) (Oct 02, 2000)
Мы имеем дело с отличным средством для врачевания априорной ненависти к приставочным играм. Что, есть такой недуг? Так раскройте глаза, коллеги, и посмотрите на Metal Gear Solid. На приставках тоже встречаются очень хорошие игры. И у некоторых хватает ума (про деньги в данном случае говорить как-то неуместно, правда?) достойно портировать эти игры на PC.
Licht verouderde grafische weergave en soms wat overdreven enthousiaste stemacteurs zijn de enige minpuntjes in dat ene game dat miljoenen consolegamers moeiteloos inpalmde .
4Players.de (Dec 18, 2000)
Metal Gear Solid ist wohl das spannendeste und mitreißendste Action-Adventure, dass ich je gespielt habe. Ideen und Gags sind genial und zuhauf vorhanden. Auch wenn die Grafik nicht der Hit ist, ist Metal Gear Solid das erlebnisreichste Spiel des Jahres - neben Baldur`s Gate 2. Die Story lässt einen einfach nicht mehr los und man sitzt solange gebannt vor dem Schirm, bis man es wirklich ganz durch und alle Gags gesehen hat. Ein großes Lob an Konami, die ein so geniales Spiel endlich für den PC umgesetzt haben!
Electric Playground (Apr 28, 2004)
With the competition heating up in the console market, especially between the soon-to-be-released PlayStation 2 and next year’s Xbox, it’s surprising that Microsoft Games would release a port of one of the best PlayStation games on the PC. With that in mind, it’s even more surprising that Microsoft didn’t improve the game to show just how much more the PC is capable of. Instead, it’s an almost identical conversion of the original, with a few simple additions like the ability to increase the screen resolution, play in first-person mode, and to save at any number of Continue Points.
PC Gamer Brasil (Dec, 2000)
Dois anos depois do lançamento de Metal Gear Solid no universo dos games, a atrasada mas super aguardada versão para computador pode ser considerada brilhante. Por fim, vale uma dica: se você nunca jogou, ou mesmo que o tenha feito em alguma outra plataforma, vale a pena conferir a nova versão. Você não irá se arrepender!
GameSpot (Oct 02, 2000)
Metal Gear Solid for the PC is an effective if straightforward conversion of one of the greatest action games for the Sony PlayStation console. It's an innovative game that, while originally designed exclusively for the PlayStation, is still highly playable on the PC, thanks largely to the quality of the Microsoft translation. While the PC version of Metal Gear Solid doesn't improve much on the 1998 PlayStation game, it does have a few features that take advantage of the PC's more powerful hardware.
Gaming Age (Sep 05, 2004)
Metal Gear Solid, a title developed by Konami for the Sony PlayStation, is regarded as one of the best games of the 32-bit era. The game pretty much accomplished everything it intended to, and in the process captured the hearts of hardcore and casual gamers alike. Even with this success, it was surprising to hear that MGS was coming to the personal computer. Console to PC ports are sort of rare.
Game Revolution (Oct 01, 2000)
This is still a great game, and I didn't expect anything more from this well-done port. They certainly didn't do anything to screw up the game. But then there's another part of me that really wishes they had put in some extra effort, perhaps a brand new gameplay mode or a bonus side story. And while it doesn't change the grade, I wish the price were as cheap as it is now on the Playstation. Still a great game, but just wait until next year for the real show.
PC Joker (Nov, 2000)
All das spielt sich am PC so unterhaltsam wie vor zwei Jahren auf der Konsole, trotzdem ist die Zeit ja nicht stehen geblieben, Identischer Inhalt ist bei einem solcher Game sicher kein Nachteil, nahezu identische Präsentation schon, Klar, durch die höhere Auflösung bis zu 1024 x 768 Pixel wirken die etwas farbarmen Texturen nun einen Tick feiner und der Sound aus dramatischer Musikbegleitung plus (englischer) Sprachausgabe kann nach wie vor gefallen. Dennoch sind PC-Spieler inzwischen Besseres gewohnt als rechteckige Arme und bewegungslose Gesichtstexturen ohne erkennbare Augen. Und die neu hinzugefügte Egoperspektive krankt an einer unsäglich tranigen Steuerung. Wäre MGS also wie angekündigt bereits vor einem Jahr umgesetzt worden, hätte man über solche Details noch gnädig hinwegsehen können, Doch wer zu spät kommt, den bestraft bekanntlich das Leben - oder zumindest ein Joker-Redakteur...
Als Metal Gear Solid für die Playstation erschien, definierte es so etwas wie ein eigenes Genre. Für den PC sind seit dieser Zeit einige ähnliche Spiele erschienen, etwa Deus Ex. Trotz Auflösungen von bis zu 1024x768, merkt man, dass das Spiel von der Playstation stammt: eine wenig leer wirkende Umgebung, keine überflüssigen Extras, keine unnötigen Animationen. Dennoch schafft es Metal Gear Solid, den Spieler praktisch in das Spiel hineinzuziehen. Die Handlung ist bis zum Ende spannend, der Schwierigkeitsgrad steigt stetig an, wird aber nie unfair. Wer Spiele wie Deus Ex oder auch Commandos mag, wird mit Metal Gear Solid seinen Spaß haben. Aber auch Fans von konventionellen Action Spielen sollten mal einen Block riskieren.
A first-person viewpoint is now open from the start, which makes for interesting - though tougher - playing. Not being able to see many of the guards in this mode lessens the tension, but should make FPS freaks happy. If you haven't played it on PS, then buy it - there are more original gameplay ideas here than most developers manage in a lifetime I you have played it on PS, this is a non-event.
Eurogamer.net (UK) (Oct 02, 2000)
At the end of the day though, Metal Gear Solid is still a great game for all of its flaws. The graphics are poor by today's standards, the cinematics dominate the game, and the controls can be awkward at times, but the plot and characters are truly involving, the music, voice acting and sound excellent, and the gameplay still shines through. If you already own a copy of the Playstation original then buying it again on PC is a little pointless, because apart from the first person view and higher resolution graphics nothing is really added. But if you haven't played Metal Gear Solid before then it's certainly well worth your money to see how the other half live...
Spel för Alla (Dec, 2000)
Metal Gear Solid vinner faktiskt på att konverteras till pc. Förutom den superbra historien trakteras man nu även av vass 3d-renderad grafik.
Wer Metal Gear Solid nicht kennt, hat eine echte Bildungslücke. Das Programm ist voller skurriler Detailideen und denkwürdiger Momente. Obwohl ich einst die PlayStation-Version meisterte, habe ich mich gern nochmals durch die PC-Version gespielt. Das Opus erschließt sich aber nur aufgeschlossenen PC-Spielern: Gamepad-Steuerung, Obergegner-Kämpfe, Speicherfunktion und leicht angestaubte Technik sind konsolige Erblasten. Die Story hat neben dramatischen Highlights auch ihre Durchhänger: Die Liebe-Friede-Eierkuchen-Botschaft suppt gegen Ende in eine Kitschlache zusammen. Eines der besten Videospiele ist nach PC-Maßstäben "nur" beachtlich gut. Aber wenn Sie intelligente Action Marke Dark Project oder Deus Ex mögen, sollten Sie Metal Gear Solid eine Chance geben.
Gameplay (Benelux) (Oct 30, 2000)
Een van de enige Playstation conversies die geslaagd te noemen is. De povere graphics moet je er wel bijnemen.
ActionTrip (Oct 18, 2000)
Yes, I do know this game appeared some two years ago on the PSX, and I am equally aware of the fact that it was one of the best games made for that platform ever. Still, its PC emanation is just another one of those sneaker action-adventures that will seek its audience in the crowds still impressed by its PSX edition. Don't get me wrong: Metal Gear Solid is a good and captivating game, but its far from being revolutionary, especially after Deus Ex. The PC version of the game had been postponed for quite a long time, which influenced its final rating and popularity. PC gamers did get much better graphics, additional VR missions, and a slightly improved gameplay, but I still don't think that was enough to justify the long wait. Well, I'm going to try to clear all the controversies surrounding this Hideo Kojima's classic...
ESC Magazine (Oct 02, 2001)
Metal Gear Solid was an excellent Playstation game, and is a great PC game as well. None of the faults I have listed should keep you from enjoying this entertaining game. When you combine the excellent music, with the innovative gameplay and then match that up with a storyline that is bleeding character you get a game that is, well for lack of a better term, Solid.
Gameplanet (Nov 08, 2000)
THE PC VERSION OF Metal Gear Solid is an excellent conversion of the console classic despite the fact that it does not offer anything that is very different from the original. This is largely due to the fact that the Microsoft conversion stays true to what was a brilliant game in the first place and attempts to offer essentially the same experience as the original. It is a testament to the quality of MGS that the experience is just as engrossing as it was when it was first released over 2 years ago.
WomenGamers.com (Aug 11, 1999)
The impression that you get from this game is slickness. Every pore of the game ooozes quality. You are sucked into the game play effortlessly with constant radio contact from HQ. Your first task is given to you and if you dither about it, HQ comes in with a little help - nice touch.
Dit is een PC-blad en we bespreken hier de PC-versie, en ik kan eigenlijk alleen maar concluderen dat MGS gedateerd overkomt. En dan bedoel ik dus niet de graphics zelf, want die zijn best goed (al is de resolutie niet bijster hoog), en ook niet de bediening, al kan ik persoonlijk moeilijk wennen aan spellen waarin de hoofdpersoon naar rechts loopt als ik op omhoog druk. Ik bedoel dat het spel, dat geheel vanuit het standpunt van één hoofdpersoon wordt gespeeld, bijzonder gediend was geweest met een eerstepersoons gezichtspunt, of desnoods een derdepersoons gezichtspunt. Nu is het te duidelijk dat een consolespel zonder al te veel moeite poespas is overgezet naar de PC, en als PC-speler zie je dan snel dat het op ons platform veel beter had gekund.
PC Gamer (Dec 01, 2000)
As a devout PlayStation guy back in my college days, I loved Metal Gear Solid. It was a great interactive cinematic experience, with incredible in-engine cutscenes, and a storyline head and shoulders above typical videogame fluff. Some would even say that Metal Gear Solid is to the PlayStation what Half-Life is to the PC.
PC Games (Germany) (Mar 07, 2001)
Hier ist der Beweis, dass zu einem guten Actionspiel mehr gehört als geniale Effekte und Supergrafik: Wer einen Blick auf Metal Gear Solid wirft, wird zunächst von der groben Konsolengrafik enttäuscht sein. Doch ähnlich wie Deus Ex oder Dark Project entwickelt sich auch hier innerhalb kürzester Zeit eine Sogwirkung, die den Spieler immer tiefer ins Geschehen zieht. Die filmreife Inszenierung der mysteriösen Hintergrundgeschichte, die Atmosphäre konstanter Bedrohung und ein fast schon genialer Spannungsaufbau trösten perfekt über die technischen Unzulänglichkeiten hinweg. Fans von System Shock 2 und anderen intelligenten Shootern sollten sich nicht abschrecken lassen und einen Blick riskieren – vorausgesetzt, Sie haben keine Vorbehalte gegen einen ordentlich gesalzenen Schwierigkeitsgrad und das ärgerliche Speichersystem.
Ich gebe zu, ich bin nicht gerade ein Freund von Konsolenumsetzungen. Auch an Metal Gear Solid, das ursprünglich für PlayStation entwickelt wurde, haben mich die detailarme Grafik, die oft frustrierende Speicherfunktion und die eigenwillige Tastatursteuerung gestört. Dennoch nimmt einen das Spielprinzip vom ersten Moment an gefangen: Es sorgt einfach für wesentlich mehr Nervenkitzel, sich mit Köpfchen und Fingerspitzengefühl zum Ziel voran zu tasten, als sich nur plump den Weg freizuballern.
Génération 4 (Dec, 2000)
L'aventure est tellement passionnante et bien conçue que l'on oubliera sans problème les quelques petits points faibles du jeu.
Entertainmentopia (Nov 18, 2001)
Metal Gear Solid was a excellent Playstation game, and is a great PC game as well., None of the faults I have listed should keep you from enjoying this entertaining game. When you combine the excellent music, with the innovative gameplay and then match that up with a storyline that is bleeding character you get a game that is, well for lack of a better term, Solid.
Jeuxvideo.com (Nov 30, 2000)
En somme, si Metal Gear Solid ne constitue absolument pas un mauvais titre sur PC, force est de reconnaître qu'il s'avère toutefois décevant. Les graphismes auraient mérité un peu plus d'attention et semblent à présent quelque peu désuets. Le gameplay reste quant à lui sensiblement le même et s'avère toujours aussi riche et agréable. Au final, voici une excellente occasion de découvrir Snake pour les « PCistes » qui ne l'auraient pas fait il y a deux ans avec un soft correct mais qui n'a visiblement pas été optimisé pour le support.
Svenska PC Games (Jan, 2001)
En medelmåttig konvertering av ett fantastiskt bra spel är alltid värt att titta närmare på. Har du aldrig spelat Metal Gear Solid så rekommenderar vi det varmt - om du redan känner till det så välj Deus Ex i stället.
Gamekult (Nov 21, 2000)
Enfin une bonne conversion PlayStation sur PC ! Metal Gear Solid est un petit bijou de jouabilité et son univers s'avère très réussi. Le découpage très cinématographique et l'approche furtive stressante rendent le jeu très prenant. Il est malheureusement trop court et souffre d'un retard technologique qui nuit à l'intérêt du jeu et le rend un peu vieillot, jusque dans sa progression trop linéaire. Un très bon jeu d'action à condition d'oublier ces menus désagréments.
Fragland.net (Sep 18, 2002)
Is there nothing good about Metal Gear Solid ? Yes, ofcourse not everything is bad. MGS has a great storyline (like it had on the PSX) and that's what keeps the game from drowning.

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