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Main Menu
The Loading screens show your progress through the game.
This is both a scene from the beginning and the end of the game.
Up there's the outside world.
Shooting gallery - although I wouldn't really waste any ammunition on that poor boot on the right...
This shot isn't about the guy in front but more about the poster in the background. You'll find advertising for the books everywhere in the game...
Two professions not even a nuclear fallout can kill: vendor and prostitution.
One of the mutants is about to get a headshot.
My gasmask-filter is about to run out according to my watch.
They just keep coming and coming...
Meet clone and his brother clone.
At least the vegetation looks way cooler now.
A mutant jumped me - time for a Quick Time Event.
Visions of a better past.
Looking at my notebook - the lighter is awesome.
This tunnel is cursed to relive the past over and over again.
This anomaly works like a T-Rex - stand still and it won't see you.
If your flashlight gets darker and darker, you've to use this turbine to pump it up again.
Looking for merchandise.
My gasmask has been damaged in melee-fights.
I know I make fun of this in almost every screenshot-submission but seriously: why does every shooter need a rail-shooter-section?
Nightvision goggles are useful in the very dark tunnels.
I think that guy is called a librarian or something.
I guess in some metro-stations there's still a bit of civilization left.
Moscow doesn't look that good anymore.
Found a copy of the novel Dmitry Glukhovsky's - Metro 2033 in the cut scene from the chapter Train Ride
Very close combat
Just kill this... thing
Sudden event
Creatures in tunnel