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Michelle Kwan Figure Skating Credits

50 people (31 developers, 19 thanks)


DesignMichelle Kwan
Voice-OversMichelle Kwan

Electronic Arts Inc.

Director of PublishingTed Judson
Lead TesterMichael Deir
Product TestingRick Brooks
Compatibility TestingDavid Koerner, Jay Miller, Michael Jung
Customer Quality ControlDarryl Jenkins, Jacob Fernandez, Dave Knudson, Micah Pritchard
Technical AssistanceCynthia Van Valkenburg
Testing ManagerKurt Hsu
Additional AssistancePete Wierzbicki
Assistant ProducerHarvey Bush
Supervising ProducerMitzi S. McGilvray
Executive in Charge of ProductionScott Orr

Semi Logic Entertainments, Inc.

Lead ProgrammerTim Ryness
DesignTim Ryness, Rick Koenig, Kevin M. Kutsch
Senior ProgrammerRick Koenig
Art DirectorKevin M. Kutsch
Project ManagerPeter A. Adams
ArtistsJoseph Kelley, Kevin Hanna, Linda Stapleton, John Adams, Shawn A. Shimizu, Josh Suko
Original Music and AudioBill King
Classical Music PerformancesRobert Finlay
Project CoordinatorGlen Thomson
Technical ResearchDarci Wilson

Special Thanks

Special ThanksShep Goldberg (of Proper Marketing Associates), Momentum Partners, Fresh Water Spigot, Scott Cronce, Robert Gonzales, Scott Higgins, Sally Judson, Bobby Lee, Jerry Newton, John Riccitiello, Patrick J. O'Brien, Harold Seeley, Steve Sims, and the Kwan family for thei wonderful hospitality.
Our heartfel thanks toall of the daughters of EA and Semi Logic employees who helped us make this game.
And a very special thanks toMichelle Kwan, for without her elegance, athleticism and continued commitment to excellence, this game would not be possible.

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (255169)