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GameGenie (1999)
Baseball 2000 is a game that most baseball fans will be sure to enjoy. Everything about the game was excellently produced, from the menu screens to the crack of the bat and it all shows while playing the game. The graphics are great, the sounds are great, and the playability is great. This game is for anyone who would even slightly enjoy a baseball game.
Baseball 2000 surprised me. I was expecting an upgrade disguised as a new game, like Microsoft Golf 99 - that's not what I found. I found this game to be full of improvements, both in graphics and gameplay. The fact that it retails for less than 20 dollars is a surprise bonus. Don't let that price fool you into thinking that this is an inferior product - for that price this game is a an excellent value. Bottom Line: Graphics and gameplay is improved from the last version. Sounds still need some optimization to eliminate stutters and pauses. Many options make the game approachable to anyone from beginners to advanced players. The opportunity to play tonight's game is wonderful. An excellent value, the game is retailing for under $20 US. In-game advertising is not too distracting, but I hope it doesn't set a bad precedent.
It’s a pretty crowded field for baseball titles this year. Microsoft Baseball 2000 brings some nice features to the table in some areas but falls short in others. The interface is easy to manage, but I like the hitting options in Triple Play better, especially with the mouse option. The sound effects are decent but the splicing give it an amateurish feel. Overall, MS Baseball 2000 is a solid title that provides some good action but has plenty of room for improvement. I recommend trying out the demo and seeing for yourself what the game is like before you buy it. I rated MS Baseball 2000 higher than Triple Play based on the fact that this is being marketed and sold as a budget title. At roughly half the price of a regular game, it is simply a better value based on what you get for your money. I certainly think it’s worth considering.
Passabel animierte Spieler, ein gutes Stadion, mehrere Kameraperspektiven, korrekt, doch texturarm nachgebildete Stadien, wenige Optionsmöglichkeiten - doch wo ist die Zielgruppe? Den möchte ich sehen, der eine komplette Saison mit allen 162 Spielen durchzieht, denn weniger ist immer noch nicht drin. Microsoft kann diesem Titel allenfalls durch seinen Preis, der in USA nur rund 20 Dollar, also knapp 40 Mark beträgt, einen Marktanteil verschaffen.
Gamezilla (Aug 03, 1999)
Baseball 2000 is a fun game with quite a few bugs that need to be worked out before it becomes a challenge to the other baseball games on the market. If you are on a tight budget and need to play some sort of baseball game on your PC, go ahead and give it a try. Heck, for 20 bucks it can’t be beat. Just be forewarned -- most of the Deer Hunter-style games are the same price, so that should be a telltale warning of the kind of quality you are getting yourself into.
My only real problem with MSB 2000 is its chronic instability. I experienced a number of hard lockups in virtually all modes of play and at various other times. The home run derby simply dropped to Windows the first dozen or so times I tried to tun it. Needless to say, this was incredibly frustrating. But other than that, I couldn’t ask for anything more in an arcade baseball title. MICROSOFT BASEBALL 2000 delivers accurate diamond action without sparing the fun factor. Couple that with the bargain price, and you’ve got a real winner here.
PC Accelerator (Jul, 1999)
At $20 a pop, Microsoft Baseball 2000 will lure some unsuspecting folk, but if you want the best baseball game on the market, stick with High Heat 2000. It's worth the extra dough.
PC Gamer (Aug, 1999)
At the bargain-basement price of $20, Microsoft is sure to sell a fair number of units, and casual baseball fans with high-quality hardware will probably feel that it was money well spent. You do get a good sense of being at the ballpark, and the game is fun in limited doses. But more demanding fans of the sport will, more than likely, tire quickly of the game's limitations, leaving it on their hard drives only to serve as a great-looking example of why they've spent thousands of dollars decking out their computers.
Microsoft Baseball 2000 is like a date who has almost everything you could want: sparkling good looks, nice conversation, and a good time, yet for some reason just doesn't "feel" right, and eventually you stop calling. In the end it's missing that extra kick that makes many sports games so much fun to play.