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Power Unlimited (Oct, 1998)
Een ding is zeker; Baseball 3D is een lust voor het oog en laat op dat gebied alle andere honkbalgames ver achter zich. De gameplay is echter in de Hard mode wat aan de moeilijke kant. Microsoft had een Medium mode moet maken.
Bravo Screenfun (Aug, 1998)
Gute Baseball-Simulationen gibt es wie Sand am Meer - die 98er Version von „Microsoft Baseball 3D“ gehört zu den allerbesten. Die sehr gute, in verschiedenen Schwierigkeitsgraden integrierte Steuerung macht Spaß, und die flotte 3D-Grafik mit den detaillierten Spielern sorgt für viel Atmosphäre. Natürlich sind alle MLB-Teams und -Spieler enthalten. Einzige Mankos: Das Spiel läuft nur mit 3D-Beschleuniger-Karte und ist komplett in Englisch.
PC Joker (Aug, 1998)
Inhaltlich bietet der Titel Action pur: Man kann alle 162 Begegnungen der Saison bestreiten oder direkt in die Playoffs einsteigen. Management gibt es nicht, dafür allerlei Statistiken, einen Mannschaftseditor und eine intuitiv beherrschbare (Pad-) Steuerung. Fazit: Baseball 3D ist quasi das amerikanische Gegenstück zu „FIFA ‘98“ - und damit eine Referenz im Genre.
Gamezilla (1998)
As with many baseball games available, Baseball 3D excels nicely in a few important categories but falls short in others. With auto base running and auto fielding turned off, the game is very difficult. It's more playable and less frustrating with these features turned on, but isn't that missing the point of the reason we play arcade baseball games? If graphics were everything, this would be a no-brainer. But graphics are not everything and unless you have lightning quick reflexes combined with expert game pad abilities, you may become very frustrated with this game. If Microsoft can fix a few things like making the fielding easier and speeding up the time in between pitches, they will have a real winner.
GameSpot (Jun 15, 1998)
In the end, Microsoft Baseball 3D clearly has its share of problems. It is still an enjoyable arcade baseball game, and thanks to features like player fatigue, the realistic-but-tough advanced batting, and the ultrarealistic ball physics, the game has a huge upside. If Microsoft comes through on its promise to fix the game's flaws, this could easily be the best arcade baseball game out there. Until then, however, it rides the bench as Triple Play 99 and High Heat Baseball 1999 platoon the field.
GameStar (Germany) (Aug, 1998)
Die flüssige Grafik, der satte Sound und die stets sinnvollen Kamerawinkel sorgen für eine authentische Atmosphäre. Allerdings hätte ich mir mehr Schwierigkeitsgrade gewünscht. Der einfache Modus wird schnell eintönig, und um sich für den Options-Overkill der komplexen Variante begeistern zu können, muß man schon ein hundertprozentiger Baseball-Fan sein.
Microsoft Baseball 3D is, hands down, the best looking baseball title of 1998. That is a pretty bold statement, but it really is true. It is a little short of perfect, but the glitches in the graphics from time to time are acceptable when you look at the overall picture. On the gameplay front, I enjoyed playing Microsoft Baseball 3D. I thought that the intelligence level of the computer player was high enough to warrant fun games. There are problems with certain parts of the game, but if you play it as an arcade title you won’t have any problems with them. It would have been nice to try out some of the multiplayer features of the game, but they have yet to be implemented. This is a black check mark in my book, but if they do release a patch it will be worth it. I also would have liked to see some more camera angles in the game. It is difficult to track the ball sometimes because the camera might not react until the ball is through the infield.
Microsoft Baseball 3D 98 is a difficult game to rate. It has spectacular graphics and sound, and it's a lot of fun to play. However, it does have some real problems with AI and issues with control. It really comes down to the fun factor. I had a blast playing this game even through the problems, but had the AI been up to the level of, say, High Heat 99 - this game would have kicked butt. Bottom Line: Fantastic graphics and sound. Cool player animation and moves. General Manager program adds some excellent features. AI makes some strange decisions, but doesn't really affect how much fun the game is to play. No network options.
The problems with MICROSOFT BASEBALL 3D can't be ignored or dismissed. But then again, neither can its considerable strengths. If you're dying for a high-flash baseball title that puts your 3D card through its paces, this is the game to get in this disappointing baseball season.
PC Games (Germany) (Aug, 1998)
Mit über 20.000 Animationsphasen. digitalisierten Porträts und einer Komplettlizenz der amerikanischen Profiligen versucht Microsoft, sich von den wenigen Mitbewerbern zu unterscheiden. Leider wurde auf einen Trainings-Modus verzichtet, und das Spiel selber beschränkt sich auf drei bzw. vier Variationen des ersten Wurfs sowie des Abschlags. Auf das taktische Verhalten und das Zusammenspiel der Fänger oder Läufer hat man keinerlei Einfluß.
Außen hui, innen pfui! Auch wenn die schlägerschwingenden Recken schick animiert sind - Microsofts Baseball-Versuch richtet sich eher an Action-orientierte Einsteiger.
Game Revolution (Oct 01, 1998)
There is much to like about Microsoft Baseball 3D - namely, the complex control mechanism, which could, if fine-tuned, make for the most realistic game of baseball we've yet to see in a PC arcade title. But as it stands now (I've given up hope on the promised patch), I can't recommend this game to anyone but the most dexterous button pushers who are not offended by the aforementioned lapses in baseball logic. Let's hope the 1999 Edition will fix these nagging problems, because MS Baseball 3D could truly be a gem.