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Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator: WWII Europe Series Credits


Chief Executive OfficerEd Fries
Project LeadDean Lester
ConceptShawn Firminger, Bruce Williams Zaccagnino
MarketingBeth Featherstone, David Hufford, Susan Kittleson, Andrew McCombie, Jose Pinero
Game DesignRob Brown, Christina Chen, Jonathan Seal, Krishnan Shankar
Lead ProgrammersScot Bayless, Christina Chen, Todd Roberts, Krishnan Shankar, Eric Straub
ProgrammersMatt Bamberger, Craig Cook, Steve Coy, Bob Day, David Denhart, Angel Diaz, Paul Donlan, Nick Feng, Eric George, Tim Gregson, Eran Haimberg, Youxuan Jin, Lee Kail, John Kane, Fred Kerr, Todd Laney, Kevin McGrath, Barry Oliver, Mark Richardson, Victor Santodomingo, Mike Schroeter, Steve Setzler, Larry Shatos, Joe Stacy, Jeremy Stone, Philipp Teschner, Dan Weber, Chris Wu, Tony Zander, Jan Zukin Neutz
Setup DevelopmentMelody Hillier
After Sales ServicePhil Saitta
Research ConsultantBeth Oliver
Customer SupportMichael Ahn, Diana K. Boyle, Kate Camber, Brian Hunt, Kiki McMillan, Yasmine Nelson, Marjorie Osterhout, Jonathan Seal, Michael Singer, Caitlin Sullivan, John Sutherland
ArtworkCourtney Barnes, Kate Bigel, Jennifer Bixler, Craig Blum, David Choi, Jim Deal, Carolyn Farino, Peter Fries, Tony Gale, Nick Heitzman, Jeff Howell, Suzanne Kaufman, Janine Klees, Eric Kruske, Gordon Nealy, Robert Olson, Elizabeth Read, Jason Waskey, Rick Welsh, Kiki Wolfkill, Peter Zahn
TestingTammy Baltazar, Patrick Barker, Hal Bryan, Caleb Cha, Wayne Comerford, Brent Conklin, Khoi Duong, Andy Grant, Tychaun Grimes, Greg Hader, Doug Jelen, Tom McDowell, Roy McMillion, Yasmine Nelson, Michelle Schultz-Schroud, Tom Sperry, Jon Stanley, Greg Swanson, Juichi Takahashi, Charlie Whiton, Steve Wilson
AudioBarry Dowsett, Nancy Mutzel, Paul Trice, Ronnie Van Zandt, Matthew Lee Johnston
Intellectual PropertyTeri Cianciola, Nancy Figatner, Christine Larsen
Administration AssistanceBryan E. Nelson, Victoria Medlock, LouAnn M. Williams
Voice DivisionShawn Archer, Richard Barrie, Rob Beddard, Joshua Bihun, Mark Bramley, Rob Brown, Hal Bryan, John Cobasic, Mark Dias, Russell Eames, Chris Faolchu-Heaney, Greg Hader, Mark Jeffrey, Dean Lester, Tom McDowell, Roy McMillion, Hans Reutter, Will Rose, Tom Roush, Marcin Sawicki, Christopher Schuler, Darren Sillett, Michael Singer, Jeremy Stone, Chris Tarnawski, David White, Charlie Whiton
Picture SourcesArchive Photos, Photo Archive of the Austrian National Library, Corbis, Culver Pictures, Damon Rarey, J. H. Stafford, John Henry Batchelor, Microsoft Corporation, The National Archives, Robert Opie, SuperStock, Tony Stone Images
Campaign Maps fromEncarta Virtual Globe [Microsoft Corp.]
Flight ExposuresWalker & Associates
Medal Pictures partially provided bySydney B. Vernon
3D‑Models CopyrightViewpoint DataLabs International Inc.
Special Thanks toGeorge Rarey (Cartoonist), Damon Rarey, Betty Lou Rarey, Jack Stafford, Ted Johnston, Jack Gentry, Al Jones, Ron Smith, Ian Brodie

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Credits for this game were contributed by formercontrib (159304)