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PC Jeux (Sep, 1997)
Un peu désuets au prime abord, ces petits jeux se révèlent très attrayants. Sans grande prétention toutefois.
All in all, THE PUZZLE COLLECTION should please both serious puzzle fans and those looking for a quick fix. If you're looking for puzzles that combine strategic thinking with fast reflex action, this pack's for you. But beware – THE PUZZLE COLLECTION can seriously damage your productivity level.
The games are fun, albeit too many of them are 'time limit' games for my taste. When I think puzzles, I think of something to solve, not a race against the clock. However, if time limit games are your forte, then you should be very happy with these 'puzzles'. It seems that everyone is trying to invent the next Tetris, and while the games here are entertaining, there is nothing as innovative as that. Basically a good time passer, but nothing that particularly stands out from the crowd. Bottom Line: Good games, but nothing to keep you up late at night. Most 'puzzles' are of the time limit variety. Not enough brain teasers that make you think without the clock ticking.
Gamezilla (Feb 18, 1999)
Microsoft seems to have a consistent tradition of releasing games (largely designed by outside development companies) that are quite polished and promising but somehow do not quite fulfill the highest expectations or compete with the very best stuff out there. Indeed, gaming is the only one of its product lines where it neither has nor is approaching having a dominant position in the market place. While The Puzzle Collection is a pleasant diversion—one that will really appeal to puzzle fans—it is by no means a must-buy for most gamers.
Don’t let the low overall score fool you. If you are a puzzle gamer, then The Puzzle Collection contains exactly what you are looking for. You aren’t going to find the latest in video technology or stunning redbook audio, but you are going to receive ten more-than-worthy replacements for “Minesweeper” and “Solitaire.” With an unexpected amount of depth to each game in the package and a lot of thought put into the creation of these puzzles, The Puzzle Collection will keep you occupied and entertained for hours on end.
As with most puzzle collections, a few will interest you, and the rest will fade away into anonymity. "I'll take Tetris clones for 400 again, Alex."
Konfuzius sagt: Es kann nicht alles spitze sein. Bei zehn verschiedenen Spielen gibt es zwangsläufig Qualitätsunterschiede. Während Spring Weekend, Jewel Chase und Lineup zu meinen persönlichen Favoriten zählen, gehört das eher öde Fringer oder das leicht verquere Finty Flush zur Kategorie "Einmal starten, spielen, beenden und nie wieder laden".
PC Games (Germany) (Aug, 1997)
Unter dem Namen "The Puzzle Collection" erscheint Microsofts neuestes Entertainment Pack für Windows. Die Spielesammlung, für deren Erstellung eigens der Tetris-Erfinder Alexey Pajitnov verpflichtet wurde, besteht aus insgesamt zehn Denkspielen. Dem Herrn scheint allerdings nichts Neues mehr einzufallen, da die einzigen Spiele höherer Qualität eindeutig billige Tetris-Clones sind.