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Microsoft Flight Simulator 98 Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Cockpit view in Hong Kong
Landing in Hong Kong
London Bridge
Extra outside view
Learjet over Paris
The infamous Meigs/Chicago startup (demo mode)
Watching the 1982 Kilauea volcano eruption (one of the many scenarios in the game)
You can easily import scenarios from Flight Simulator 5 and 6 (Flight Simulator 95), as well as download new airplanes and scenarios from the Internet.
The initial screen. This is shown when the simulation first loads. It can be suppressed if required
Each option from the main menu brings up a similar sub menu.
The extensive help system is windows based. These windows overlay the flight sim menus and at some resolutions the flight sim menus can be seen around the edges
The player can access the aircraft selection menu from within a flight via a drop down menu. The currently selected aircraft shows in the small window.
At night time the stars come out and the red cabin lights come on. This screen shot shows a sub menu that is accessed via the left mouse button.
The Cessna Skylane 182S taking off from a Carribean island in low resolution. This shot also shows another element of the main drop down menu
Choosing 'Select A Flight' from the main menu brings up another menu with three categories; Challenges, Flights and Adventures. The menus overlay each other and don't always hide each other
This is the Cessna Skylane 182S flying the New York Movies challenge flight.
It is possible to zoom in on the plane even closer than this but the results are unrecognisable
The Boeing 737-400 lined up ready for take-off
The Bell 206B Jetranger III
It is possible to start a flight and then change the current location to anywhere else in the world. Here a flight from Megis Field is being relocated to Queen Alia International airport in Jordan
The Cessna Skylane 182R RG on the runway in Jordan
The default view is the cockpit view but this can be changed via a drop down menu option.
The Learjet 45 in flight with landing gear retracted
The Extra 300S in flight
The Schweizer 2-32 Sailplane coming in to land in a car park near the Los Angeles Coliseum. One of the challenges is to land on the playing field and this plane didn't quite make it
Approaching the Los Angeles Coliseum in the Extra 300S
A close up of the Sopwith Camel in flight
It is possible to configure the flight simulator to accept a new controller during the course of a flight. This is accessed by selecting Options on the drop down menu
Using separate windows for every player choice does mean they can stack up and this looks untidy.
All keyboard assignments can be adjusted to suit the player. This too can be accomplished in-flight
Flying through Chicago, with the Sears Tower in the distance.