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Microsoft Golf 1998 Edition Credits

118 people (107 developers, 11 thanks)

Friendly Software Corporation

Executive producerBill Bales, Bruce Bales
DevelopersBruce Bales, Robert Langenderfer, Kristy Miller Smith, Tom J. King, Jason H. Wolfe, Derek Smith
Course designersJoshua Alexander, Terrance Newell, Matt DeMeo, Christian Howard
ArtistsWallace Maass, Lisa Marie Brown, Jake Rowell
TestersSean Glennon, Ben Hutchinsson, Bill Kamke, Wallace Maass, Adam Matuzak, Dave McMurray, Ken Osovitch, Jake Rowell, Chris Singh
Operations ManagerDuane Dayton
LegalGene Peek
Special ThanksGreg Slabaugh, Bill Kraynek, Toby Derek, The entire Friendly Software team

Outsource Suppliers

Outsource SuppliersB&J Video Systems, Computer Discount, Winner Communications

Winner Communications

Executive producerTom Dooley
VP communicationsBill Flesher
Coordinating producerAngela Shaffer
DirectorChris White
Director of photographyDale Heitzman
Key gripBrad Boaz
GafferBrian Blagowsky
Make-upHeather Brennan-Tyler


CommentaryDavid Feherty


Bay ArborAero-Metric Incorporated, Michael Choiniere, Arthur Hills, Stephen Kircher, Dave Relford, Brian Sanderson, Blake Woodward, Brian Yoder
Casa De CampoR. Lopez De Azua and Associates, Pete Dye, Gilles Gagnon, Kimberly Hutchinson, Sandra Lopez, Carole Tremblay, Raphael [the 'Butler'], Maria [the 'Cook'], Eduardo [the 'Caddie']

Microsoft Corporation

Test LeadGreg B. Jones
TestersMitch Bate, Jason Brown, Humberto CastaƱeda, Robert Haverty, Michael Joseph, Kevin Verboort
Product PlannerJulie Gibbons
Content LeadJeff Stone
WritersShellie Tucker, John Peoples, Kevin Hackett
EditorElizabeth Dietz
Art DirectorMary Jo Kovarik
Art LeadRory Reich
Texture ArtistAndy McCullough
Program ManagerTed Stamps
Technical SupportSteven Kastner
Audio DesignerMatthew Lee Johnston
SetupMelody Hillier
Content CoordinatorKaari King
Audio Production TeamBarry Dowsett, Bill Wolford, John Ball, Paul Trice
ComposerStan LePard
PerformersJeff Stone, Mark Robbins, Brad Smith, Samuel Mann, Drew Fletcher, Stan LePard
Help DevelopersJohn Grigg, Rich Bloch
Preview & Demo VideosLive Wire Entertainment
With special thanks to (for their help throughout the project)Michael Lyons, Todd Laney, Keith Grochow, David Watkins, Rusty Willams
ModelsEmily Alfred, Joong-Kun Cho, Mary Harvey, Charles Heinberg, Greg Hogue, Landon Jackson, Dong Won Kang, Eun-Kyung Lee, Chad LeFevers, Marina Reynolds, LeeEllen Thurman
In memory ofKathleen V. Dayton, Patricia L. Smith

Photo Credits

West Stock Sunset/drivingSteve Wanke
West Stock reflectionJohn D. Luke
West Stock scenic view/2 golf cartsSteve Meltzer
West Stock putting greenKent Knudson
West Stock green with flagKent Knudson
West Stock sunset/teeing offSteve Wanke
West Stock green/flag downHans Wiesenhofer
West Stock ball on teeSteve Wanke
West Stock puttingRim Light
West Stock chipping/sunsetRim Light
Corbis fairway, yellow flag, red ballDave Bartruff
West Stock male golfer swinging club at sunsetRim Light
West Stock male golfer swinging club at sunriseDavid Lissey
West Stock female golfer swinging clubFotopic
West Stock female (blonde) golfer putting on greenDavid Lissey
Tops of golf clubs ImagesSean Ellis, Tony Stone

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Barry Dowsett, 25 other games
Sean Ellis, 20 other games
Bill Wolford, 17 other games
Humberto CastaƱeda, 16 other games
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Mary Harvey, 6 other games
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Credits for this game were contributed by jean-louis (41406)