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Midnight Nowhere Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Publisher's Logo
Developer's Logo
Title Screen
Main Menu. Why they chose a watch is anybody's guess.
You start here, in a morgue.
Dead bodies are everywhere. Search each carefully for things you can take.
This desk holds a few items that can be gathered.
The cabinetry in the morgue holds some interesting things .. including your first view of some nudes.
You'll be adjusting gamma constantly to darken or lighten things up.
Many of the doors need a password entered into key pads like this one.
The Lounge
The other side of the lounge. Most rooms have at least 2 screens.
One of the many humorous posters.
Right click to access your inventory.
The cops think you are a suspect!
This "holding" cell contains some of the game's more interesting puzzles.
Let me out of here!
Another amusing piece of wall art.
Using several computers is part of the gameplay too.
Is playing going to your head? (A bit of sloppy graphics here.)
Heading into a new area.
What a bloody mess!
Solving this old guy's crossword is the only way to finish the game.
The only time you get to see your character up close. A good-looking fellow!