Written by  :  jay marsden (5)
Written on  :  Aug 06, 2001
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Mid town WHAT?

The Good

I think that that the graphics are not bad, gameplay fair, looking at the Sears Tower a real hoot and when you have jumped over one of the swing bridges hearing the voice man sound funny! Perhaps driving along the highway and seeing the Observatory near the sea great, but thats about it!

The Bad

WELL PLENTY ACTUALLY! This game has got to be one of the most worst car racing car games I have ever played! For starters there is not enough races, the city of Chicago IS NOT one of the most exciting cities in the world as far as I am concerned, it is very boring actually except for the odd landmark here and there to look at. I also think that the sound is not very good and what is the point having a train when you cannot even smash into the bloody thing! Another thing is you cannot dive into the sea where the boats are (only the river - with no boats - BORING!) The blitz races all have 4 checkpoints on them - crap and also there is no crash course to add to the excitement. I mean come on guys what the hell are you playing at - the demo mode may not suck but the main game does!

The Bottom Line

Compared to MM2 this game is rubbish! I give this game maybe 3 out of 10 and MM2 9 out of 10, the latter being much much better!