Might and Magic VI: The Mandate of Heaven Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen
Intro: monster attack
The story, bla-bla-bla...
You start here
Talking to NPC
Wanna buy somethin'?
Choosing a sword
Walking into somebody else's house
Character stats
A nicely decorated bar
Lots of things to do in the bar
Holy, shmoly
A foggy day in London town...
Mutant unicorns? No, just horses, I guess...
Next time, click quicker with your mouse!
A fully-loaded spellbook
The Skills page
The inventory screen can get a bit crowded at times
Your journal records all sorts of helpful info
And has a full-fledged automap
Creating a new party
Might, Magic and GORE!!
These Lyches seem to be ThunderCats fans
The game uses photographs to represent NPCs - just look at this adorable child...
Look, just admit you have no chance. I just killed eight old guys looking just like you, what's two more to me?
Nice detail - a buoy floating in water. A ship is anchored nearby
It's good to know that the Ironfist dynasty has appreciation for fine arts. Nice graphics, too - this is real 3D!
You have carelessly ventured into a dangerous enclosed area. You are quickly killed by ferocious lizard archers
Fighting cannibals. Why are they black, by the way? Conscious racism, stereotypical thinking, or part of the game's lore?
No fantasy RPG is complete without a snowy area. Here, there is a whole snowy town. Note the yin-yang symbol and the girl - isn't she cold?..
My Archer casts Lightning Bolt, a moderate-level Air spell, on an enemy wandering the snow plains. Look at his smug expression!
Uh-oh... This doesn't look good. People are casting all sorts of magic on me, plus those swordsmen hack me to death. Note the visual agony of my dying party!
There be DRAGONS here!.. Some of the game's toughest enemies live on this secluded island. I have no chance...
There are puzzles in the dungeons!
Stone gargoyles paralyze me, attacking right in the city, in front of a ship...
Gharik's Forge - a tough dungeon with fire spirits spitting fireballs at you; and wait till you meet the Warlocks!..
Take a look at my characters' portraits. Each one has been afflicted with a different status ailment - poisoned, diseased, driven insane... Expressive faces!
This desert area is called Dragonsland and is populated by cute, fluffy bunnies. Ok, ok, I just want to make sure you're actually reading those screenshot descriptions :)
In front of the dark Kriegspire Castle in a valley between tall mountains; this earth elemental is casting rocks at us
You'll have to defeat these demons within this narrow corridor - they are blocking the path
I have a bad feeling about this. Those multi-headed freaks populate what the game calls. for some reason, "Paradise Fields"...
You'll need to notice every detail in every dungeon. This lever is not that easy to spot - and it's crucial to opening a secret door and finishing a sub-quest
Darkmire is one of the toughest (relative to location) areas in the game. Skeletons and other undead attack
Walk like an Egyptian? The infamous Tomb of Varn, an absolutely huge dungeon you'll spend hours exploring
Near the end of the game you'll be transported to sci-fi environment, with absolutely deadly robotic enemies!
A decisive late-game battle