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Written by  :  Lord Matthias (18)
Written on  :  Apr 11, 2002
Rating  :  1.86 Stars1.86 Stars1.86 Stars1.86 Stars1.86 Stars

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This game is an average CRPG, but I found it repetitive.

The Good

I could not find anything above-average about this game other than the unique scenarios that your characters find themselves in. You start out on Emerald Island and you can enter a scavenger hunt for a variety of weird items (ie. fancy hat, seashell, longbow). The objective of this scavenger hunt quest is to win the first prize- lordship to your very own castle!

The Bad

I started out excited about playing this game, but the gameplay quickly decomposed into a game of " buy stuff, recruit adventurers, enter dungeon X, kill everything that moves across the screen, return to town when badly injured, heal, resupply, repeat". All of the monsters, buildings, trees, and people are flat paper dolls pasted flat on the screen. This game, made in 1998, deserves maybe just a little bit of something called 3d models. Additionally, all of the people look the same; there are these character models- blue shirt man, blue shirt lady, green shirt lady (who you cannot talk to for some reason).

The Bottom Line

Overall, I was very disappointed and bored by this game, even though I am a fan of RPGs. If you want to play a great dungeon crawl, you should not look here, but rather at Might and Magic 6: Mandate of Heaven, which is a slightly better game in my opinion.