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Might and Magic VIII: Day of the Destroyer Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Introduction: this is your supposed enemy, Escaton the Destroyer
Character creation. Do you want to create such a... err... capable female necromancer?
You start the game on Dagger Wound Island and become involved right away in a fight between lizardmen and pirates. This is the result...
Dagger Wound Island has a tropical feel, with "tribal" elements in the architecture
Quest-givers are normally located in their respective residences. Sometimes there are more than one in the same place
Nice loading screen
At last - leaving Dagger Wound Island for the big wide world!
An important building in Ravenshore - the "enter" screens are beautifully done throughout the game
An early battle in a pirate cave
Some enemies leave skins behind which are collectible for ingame "money". This is a Dire Wolf pelt
You can label and name points of interest yourself in the game map
Pedestals like this Day of the Gods one confer much-needed protection on the party
These ogres mages are formidable opponents even in turn-based combat
One day a week, some stables take you to the Arena, where you can do battle to gain experience points
The giant crystal that caused the original upheaval
Some peculiar architecture - the Temple of the Sun
Entering this troll tomb with a slower computer is an exercise in frustration - there are many, many doors, each of which must close before the next one opens!
Battling enemies in a quest to drain floodwaters from a Minotaur city
The Town Portal map, showing the locations the spell can take the party to
There are 4 of these doors scattered around the world, one for each element (water, air, earth and fire)
These enemies drop skins when killed: "Naga hide"...
Cut-scene: the dragon leader vows revenge on the hunters who captured his egg
An aerial view of the town of Shadowspire, all gray-hued and ashy
These unassuming creatures can turn the party to stone!
The Cleric has just cast a Paralyze spell, very useful against some opponents!
Some towns have an Adventurer's Inn, where new party members can be recruited
Ironsand Desert is a mostly bleak and unfriendly place - these guys are a case in point
Quest items and magical artifacts/relics usually have interesting descriptions
The party can even engage in aerial battle!
CGIs shown in every house and shop you visit are beautiful, unique, and even have animation: watch this banker play with the coins...
Spell book. Each spell has a precise description as well as conditions and benefits for mastery
Talking to an NPC in her house. Like many others, she can train you in a particular discipline. Note the beautiful background
Shops reflect the locations' flavor and personality. This armor shop is evidently managed by a necromancer
All your quests, trainer locations, and lots of other information are conveniently noted for you
Unless you have the ID Monster skill, this screen won't give you much information besides a HP bar and some nice animated monster CG
A high-level dungeon with fire spirits. My invisible party fell into the lava and is visibly suffering now
No, there are no graphical errors here: this is the realm of the air. You'll need to be able to fly in order to remain here
There are so many dungeons in the game, each full of treasure, secrets, and dangerous enemies
An unprepared and underleveled party can get easily decimated by enemies such as these mad necromancers and their pets
Speaking of dragons - there are many of them in the game. One of them has joined my party, and I cruelly force him to attack his own people!
This desert settlement has expressive details, such as those bones on the ground...
The only caption this screenshot can get is: "Oh yeah? And you fight like a cow!"
Wandering NPCs no longer offer to join your party and instead settle for generic lines. You can seek out and hire fully controllable characters instead!
A colorful tavern
Playing Arcomage - a special Might and Magic card game
This world is hidden underwater. However, unlike the previous game, you can enter it without wet suits
In the Earth Plane, angry Elementals and Juggernauts attack. You can sneak past them with Invisibility - but that takes practice!
Finally, you are able to enter that huge red crystal! And these hostile creatures greet you there...
Towards the end of the game, you'll have to travel to four elemental prisons and free their lords. This Ether Knight seems to disagree, but Cauri convinces him with 92 points of damage