Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main Menu
Intro cutscene - Ashan, the world of Might & Magic
Intro cutscene - the mysterious Blade of Binding
The prologue serves as a tutorial
Introducing Anwen, the Elf
Adventure phase
The tutorial teaches you the basics of the combat system
Each character has its own ability
Choosing my troops for the upcoming battle. Some creatures must be unlocked by playing the campaign mode.
The battle begins, Anwen versus Cyrus the Wizard
Many creatures have special abilities, for instance the Djinns can freeze your creatures
The Dragon attacks!
Another battle: Fiona versus Aidan
Fiona is the leader of the Undead, while Aidan fights with Demons
Using Fiona's unique ability: the Blood Ritual
Aidan has a power of his own, causing a lot of damage
Godric the Knight versus Nadia the Wizard
The Griffin's turn to act has finally come
This is going to hurt...