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Military Collection Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

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KC135R, 2D cockpit. Only a view straight forward, no side view panels. This is essentially a Boeing 707 cockpit.
KC135R, virtual 3D cockpit - no clickable controls.
KC135R - we have an engineer with us too. Not that he can be asked to do anything, but it's a nice touch.
Outside view of the KC135R, on runway 6R at Anderson AFB in Guam. There are no moving doors to open, even if there should be a small hatch below the cockpit for the crew.
The refuellers boom can be lowered using the 'tailhook' command. There is no way to know the fuel load, or to refuel anyone.
KC135R - closeup front view, in a turn.
B2 Spirit - The 2D cockpit. No side panels, only the forward view.
B2 Spirit - The 3D cockpit is dark, and there are no cockpit lights. As there are no clickable controls in the virtual cockpit, it does not matter much.
B2 Spirit - As dark from the outside, as on the inside.
B2 Spirit - Is it a plane? Is it a bird? Is it Batman? A very strange profile.
B2 Spirit - Bomb doors opening. No bombs inside.
B2 Spirit - In some lighting angles, you get an idea of the shape. It's still well hidden against the ground. (Summer season)
B2 Spirit - coming in to land again at Whiteman AFB, Kansas. The throttle quadrant is opened at left high corner, and the standard GPS on the lower right.
B2 Spirit - Home sweet home, hangars at Whiteman AFB. This base is where it first took to the skies. (Winter season)
CH-46E Sea Knight 'Phrog' - At Pendleton Marine Corps Base Camp, California. The helicopter type was retired in 2015.
CH-46E - The 2D cockpit, only a front panel, no side views. The radio stack and collective on right, a clock on top left.
CH-46E - The virtual 3D cockpit has better views, but no clickable controls. (The captains seat is on the right in a helicopter.)
CH-46E - behind the flight crew is the entertainment section, a bucket winch that can be lowered to simulate a delivery/pickup.
Ch-46E - Front, side and rear doors can be opened/closed.
CH-4E - even the rotor blades can be folded together for storage.
CH-46E - Who wants to ride the bucket?
CH-46E - the front lifts before the rear on takeoff in this bird, but now I'm reversing.
F/A-18C - At NAS Pensacola.
F/A-18C - the 2D cockpit
F/A-18C - The virtual 3D cockpit
F/A-18C - The canopy opens, the tailhook moves, and the wings can fold.
F/A-18C - Ok, it flies like a rocket with afterburners on.
F/A-18C - Turning back to Pensacola, the virtual cockpit shows mirrors function, and there is a swirling air effect outside the canopy.
F/A-18C - Retracting gear after takeoff.
F/A-18C - Smoke effects.
OH-58D Kiowa Warrior - At Simmons Army Airfield.
OH-58D - The 2D cockpit takes up some space.
OH-58D - The virtual 3D cockpit has better views, but looks a bit narrow.
OH-58D - The pilots don't look too well...maybe airsick?
OH-58D - the 'main exit' open command seems to operate the rear door, not the pilot/copilot doors. No other extra animations are included.
OH-58D - Tower view of the helicopter. This type will be phased out by the US Army in early 2017, to be replaced by Apaches.
OH-58D - Simmons base has several helipads to land on besides the runway.
OH-58D - landed on helipad.
S-3 Viking. Currently mothballed at Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ. Once flying from the USS Enterprise. The arrestor hook and wing folding is still in working order.
S-3 Viking. The pilots seem to look back at you.
S-3 Viking. The 2D cockpit. No side panels, view only straight ahead.
S-3 Viking. The virtual 3D cockpit. No clickable controls.
S-3 Viking. Takeoff from the mothballs.
S-3 Viking. Bomb bay doors open, two torpedos inside.
S-3 Viking. Coming back to land among the mothballs.
S-3 Viking. Flaps and speedbrakes retracting after landing.
S-3 Viking. Opening staircase at main exit.
A-7 Corsair II - At Nellis AFB.
A-7 Corsair II - The 2D cockpit panel, large and blocking the forward view. No side panels, only forward view.
A-7 Corsair II - The virtual 3D cockpit, no switches work, but you can see better over it.
A-7 Corsair II - takeoff from Nellis.
A-7 Corsair II - I'm doing a short circuit and coming back to land.
A-7 Corsair II - The cockpit canopy opens, and the arrestor hook can be extended, and wings can fold.
FS2002 aircraft selection - all the aircraft are grouped under the heading 'Abacus Military Collectors Edition'.