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Advertising Blurbs

Steam Store Description:

    "Mini Ghost" is a mini metroidvania where the mini hero has to... well, reading can be rather boring, right? I'll best show you the introduction of the game with a mini comic:


    - MSX look and feel
    - 100 mini rooms + 4 mini bosses + 24 mini items to collect or buy in mini shops
    - Mini comics included
    - Around 2 mini hours of gameplay
    - Mini price!
    - Prequel of Ghost 1.0
    - Done by the mini creator of Unepic


    Steam friends are playing MiniGhost? Troll them!
    You can watch them while they play, and you can shoot them stuff, make their enemies bolder, or place fake platforms.
    There is no better way to laught!


    Besides, the game includes three editors:
    - Level editor: create your own maps and share them on Steam Workshop
    - Character editor: create your own characters and share them on Steam Workshop
    - Tileset editor: give a new look to your map creating your own designs


    The game also includes a leaderboard for speedrunners

    Contributed by firefang9212 (73892) on May 23, 2017.