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Mini Golf Master Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The game runs from the Windows Start menu via this game browser.
The game's splash screen
The main menu
The player configuration and game selection options
This is how the game is played, it's the only help screen
This is hole 37, aka the training hole. The player can sink the ball in either hole and keep going, there's no end point. This shot also shows the shot aiming aiming and power bar features
Planet Miniverse: hole 1
Planet Miniverse: Hole 2
Each hole is preceded by an information screen like this
Planet Miniverse: Hole 2
Holes often do not fit on the screen but the player can view the 'missing' section by moving their mouse cursor to the edge of the screen
Planet Miniverse: This hole is set in a casino, others are set in a sewage works, an old castle, a ski resort etc
At the end of a round there's the dreaded score sheet
The second course is 'Space Holes'
This is a description of it's first hole
The second course is 'Space Holes'
This shows part of it's first hole which is set in a crater
The second course is 'Space Holes'
This hole shows travelators that speed up the ball
Course three is 'The Suburbs', this is the description of its first hole. Other courses are set in a bedroom, a witches kitchen and a snooker table
The Suburbs course, this is the snooker table hole
The war Torn course, this is a description of one of it's holes. Other holes are set in the South Pacific, in mine fields etc