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PC Games (Germany) (Mar 07, 2001)
Wie im Vorbild bauen Sie Rohstoffe ab und senden Ihre Truppen aus, um der gegnerischen Basis den Garaus zu machen. Antiquierte Präsentation und umständliche Bedienung verhindern eine höhere Wertung.
This title tries the standard RTS approach of creating one or two new ‘features’ and using these features to claim originality. Unfortunately, the unbalanced squad-combat and wrap-around maps are not enough to pull this one away from the Pit of Despair. Even the cutscenes are completely uninformative, giving a generalized picture of battle without actually telling any sort of story. The only gamers who might want to put up with Mission: Humanity‘s shortcomings would be RTS fanatics who jump out and grab every title in the genre.
GameBlitz (2000)
If you see Mission: Humanity on the shelves, take a look. But be warned, this isn't gaming goodness - it's gaming badness. It wants to be StarCraft, it wants to be C&C, but it's a sorry effort at best.
PC Action (Mar 21, 2001)
Wie ist/war das in der Schule? Wer selbst nix draufhat, sollte wenigstens richtig vom guten Banknachbarn abschreiben. Die Entwickler von Mission: Humanity haben das Klassenziel verfehlt. Starcraft kopieren und dann ein solches Machwerk abliefern? Das haben wir gern! Dröge Hau-alles-wech-Missionen, fitzelige Waffeneffekte, nervenzerfetzende Kampf-Sounds, Walnuss-Hirn-KI, Fummelsteuerung? Danke fürs Gespräch und Haken drunter.
GameStar (Germany) (Apr, 2001)
Die Handlung ist dabei so nebensächlich, dass Sie unabhängig von der gewählten Rasse immer die gleichen Simpel-Missionen vorgesetzt bekommen. Vielfalt suchen Sie ebenfalls vergeblich: Die Einsätze zwingen Sie praktisch immer zum Tank-Rush, den Sie auch noch mit den sehr ähnlichen drei Einheiten schaffen müssen. Grafisch wirkt das Ganze altmodisch, über den KI-Routinen liegt auch schon eine dicke Staubschicht. Beispielsweise wackeln Ihre Truppen auf scheinbar vollkommen zufällig gewählten Routen zum vorgegebenen Ziel.
As a school project, Mission: Humanity might be the sort of thing that exposes would-be developers to some of the concepts used in real-time strategy games. As a commercial product, however, it is completely without substance and fails to match even the primordial games from the DOS era.
GameSpot (Feb 27, 2001)
If for some reason you're still interested in this third-rate real-time strategy game, it's also worth noting that far superior games of the same ilk now sell at a discount for around $10 less. There really is nothing good and nothing redeeming about Mission: Humanity.
PC Zone (Aug 13, 2001)
Couldn't you have got me something useful? Red Alert 2 costs the same, and it's tops. I don't believe anyone should ever have to suffer this game. If you give me something this bad next year, I'm going to slip on a dress and become a Hare Krishna. At least they want you to be happy.
Overall, this game screams "contractual obligation," as if the designers were under contract to produce, and just cranked it out as quickly and minimally as possible. If this was an early beta or a proof-of-concept project, it might be salvageable by the time it's completed. As a finished game in commercial release, it is astoundingly bad. This game really wouldn't be worth installing if it was given away free. There is too much else in the bargain bins that is dramatically superior. It earns a pitiful 1/2 GiN Gem rating, never quite achieving even a minimally acceptable standard.