MissionForce: CyberStorm Credits (Windows)

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MissionForce: CyberStorm Credits


Producer Graeme Bayless
Creative DirectorJohn Garvin
Associate ProducerDon McClure
Lead Software EngineerStephen Cordon
Software EngineersDavid McClurg, Miles Smith, Jimmy Campbell
Multiplayer EngineerLangdon Beeck
Additional ProgrammingChristopher K. Singleton, Brian Danielson, Phil Taylor, Rhett Anderson, Dynamix 'Darkstar' Engineering Group
Art DirectorsJohn Garvin, Mike Jahnke, Shawn Sharp
Art Resource CoordinationJay Dee Alley
Herc DesignsShawn Sharp
Production ArtistsDouglas Brashear, Barry Drew, Mary Ann Fernandes, Ron Clayborn, Point Asia
Additional ArtVance Naegle, Dan Buendia
Game DesignJohn Garvin, Graeme Bayless, Don McClure, Robert Kraft, Stephen Cordon
StorylineRobert Kraft
Additional Writing J. Steven York
Assistant director Robert Kraft
ScriptorsDon McClure, Gerald Azenaro
Quality Assurance Manager David Steele
 Quality EngineerScott Gilbert
Quality Assurance TechnicianJohn Wolf
Quality Assurance AnalystsAndrew Binder, Chris Stafford, Trish Bayless, Erinn C. Hamilton, Ben Nahorney, Alan Roberts, Aaron Anderson, Garrett Turner, Ken Eaton, Kenny Smith, Christa Wendland, Daniel Hinds, Gary Stevens, Matthew Vincent
Brand Manager Barbara Schwabe
MarketingJaymi Bauer
Public Relations Barbara Dawson
Creative ServicesHeather Lavin
Packaging Art DirectionMaria Mason
On‑line Manual WritingKevin Lamb
On-line Manual Graphic DesignEgil G. Gloersen
Sound EngineerKen Rogers
 Video ProductionJames Carey, David Aughenbaugh
Executive ProducerJay Balakrishnan

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Credits for this game were contributed by me3D31337 (61098)