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Mob Enforcer Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Main menu
Your mission, if you choose to accept it: Whack a stool pigeon.
You get a small recap of your mission before the level starts.
You can peek out of corners to shoot at enemies, but their aim is uncanny!
Whacked enemies leave behind valuable weapons and ammunition for you.
You can also find health boosts and bulletproof vests inside crates.
Make sure the police doesn't see you with a weapon or you're a goner!
You get money bonuses depending on how well you played.
This is a civilian. Kill one and your game is over!
Oh no, it's an ambush!
Oh, you're going to see this screen a LOT.
Since I'm in the can, this cop expects me to not do anything suspicious...
...but unfortunately for him, he can't do much about me breaking out.
This isn't safe.
I managed to get across the electric water and the steam leaks, so what I have to do is destroy these two pipes and the water is safe... wait who would bulid this in the first place?
Electric fields... impressive.
Feels great to be outta there!
Chicago won't look so empty if it was 5 AM.
Got my Colt .45, shotgun and tommy gun back.
They don't look friendly.
Say hello to 12 gauge!