Mobile Forces Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Each time you spawn, you select your loadout.
Overlooking the blue base on the Arctic map.
Hop in (or on) a buggy for speed, just don't count on it to protect you from enemy fire.
The tripod mounted machinegun takes a few seconds to set up but lays down serious fire.
Vehicle damage affects performance. This hummer will have a hard time cornering.
The APC is virtually bullet proof and has one slot for a top gunner.
The view from the top side of a hummer
He'd better get out of the way....
It wouldn't be an FPS without a sniper rifle.
In "Trailer" the goal is to capture a trailer bomb and drive it to the enemy base.
I think we have a moment to improve this art....
When you finish the single player game, you get the URL for the secret Mobile Forces site. Too bad it's long gone.
Urban combat
Dangerous flip
A great afternoon and a great sniper rifle
Driving a Buggy is really fun.
Enemy close-up (iron sight)
This is not a regular parking lot.
Enemy down
Living in the city...
Big explosions are common in Mobile Forces.