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Monopoly Tycoon Credits

85 people (72 developers, 13 thanks)


Project LeaderKevin Buckner
DesignJon Law
Lead ProgrammerLee Hickey
ProgrammersSimon Roper, Keith Taylor, John White
ArtistsUzma Khalid, Ian Margetts
Quality AssuranceDan McDaid

Infogrames Interactive, Inc.

ProducerTodd Hartwig
Product ManagerPeter Matiss
Executive ProducerEric Hayashi
Director of Quality AssuranceMichael Craighead
Q.A. Certification ManagerKurt Boutin
Q.A. Testing ManagersRandy Lee, Bill Carroll
Q.A. Certification LeadMark Huggins
Lead TesterMatthew Pantaleoni
TestersAnthony Calabresi, Robert Gilkerson, Charles Lane, Brett Penkul, Michael Romatelli
Director of MarketingAnn-Marie Bland
Manager of Creative ServicesSteve Martin
Manager of Editorial ServicesElizabeth Mackney
Manager of Documentation ServicesElizabeth Mackney
CopywriterPaul Collin
Special ThanksDavid Albert, Dawn Long, Trina Wilson

Deep Red Games Ltd.

Development DirectorClive Robert
Art DirectorSteve Beverley
Logic ProgrammersAndrew Cakebread
Character AnimatorJohn Palmer
Q.A. LeadPaul Howarth
TestersMatthew McSherry
Special ThanksJohn Palmer, Matthew McSherry, Lewpen Kinross-Skeels, Philip Bak

Infogrames Sheffield

QA ManagerLewis Glover (L. Glover)
Test SupervisorRobert D. Lunt (R. Lunt)
Lead TesterStephen Blower (S. Blower)

Infogrames Europe

Executive Vice-President Production and publishingJames North-Hearn
Executive Vice-President MarketingLarry Sparks
Executive Vice-President Certification and QualityJean-Marcel Nicolaï
European ProducerViktorya Hollings
Marketing Manager EuropeFrank Heissat
Senior Brand ManagerCyril Voiron
Junior Product ManagerSébastien Brasseur
Public Relation ExecutiveLynn Daniel
LocalisationChrystèle Dozoul, Maud Favier, Sylviane Pivot-Chossat, Babel Media Limited
Marketing & Creative Services (MCS)Emmanuelle Tahmazian, Rose-May Mathon, Patrick Chouzenoux, Michel Mégoz, Sylvie Combet, Olivier Lachard, Eric Baesa, Neil Baltzer, Cécile Gillet, Jenny Clark, Marie-Emilie Requien, Catherine Louvier, Catherine Esteoule-Bado, Renaud Marin, Alexandre Breas
Certification & Planning Support Group (CPSG)Rebecka Pernered, Sophie Wibaux-Meliet, Caroline Fauchille, Jérôme Di Tullio
Distribution EDS SellingPatricia Nowak, Jake Tombs, Jean Grenouiller, Anne Sylvie Gautier, Anne Sigwalt
Special Thanks toCatherine Heilbron, Suzanne Bongette, Aline Novel, Jim Tebbut, Emily Sharp, Clare Maddalena

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kurt Sample (1068) and formercontrib (158434)