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Monster Truck Madness 2 Credits (Windows)

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Monster Truck Madness 2 Credits


Graphics EngineMark Randel
Vehicle & object simulationGreg Seehusen
3D AccelerationFletcher Dunn, Robert Minnis, Mark Randel
UI Design & ProgrammingRobert Minnis
Sound ProgrammingFletcher Dunn
Truck ProgrammingAllen Bogue
MultiplayerRobert Minnis, Mark Randel
Additional ProgrammingMatthew Bogue, Richard Harvey
Lead ArtistChuck Carson
3D Cockpit ArtTerry Simmons
3D Vehicle ModellingAllen Bogue, Chuck Carson
Level DesignDavid Glasscock, Michael Porter
Phototexture ArtChuck Carson, Drew Haworth, Paul Nettle, Michael Porter, Terry Simmons, Brian Stevens
UI Art / DesignBrian Stevens
MusicKyle Richards, Tom Wedge
Sound EffectsKyle Richards
Biz GuyBrett Combs
PR GuyJeff Smith
Program Management Project LeadJohn Browne
Program Management Unit LeadEric Straub
Product Planning Project LeadKeith Wintraub
Product Planning Product Unit LeadShawn Firminger
Business Unit General ManagerEd Fries
Product Unit ManagerDean Lester
User Assistance & Content Project LeadKathryn McMillan
User Assistance & Content Product Unit LeadMarjorie Osterhout
User Assistance & Content LocalizationYasmine Nelson
User Assistance & Content TeamJennifer Bixler, Larry Boler, Elizabeth Read, Kiki Wolfkill
Software Test Engineers Project LeadGreg Swanson
Software Test Engineers Product Unit LeadMichelle Schultz-Schroud
Software Test Engineers - LocalizationTom Sperry
Software Test Engineers TeamBrent Conklin, Doug Jelen, Patrick Kennebec, Roy McMillion, Jon Stanley
Art DirectorKate Bigel
Art LeadKiki Wolfkill
Location DirectorRoland Morgan
Location GripBabs Bolla
Production CoordinatorSusan Corcoran
Video EditorDrew Keller
AfterEffects ArtistKenneth W. Smith
On‑Line EditorBill Olafsen
Video AudioMatthew Lee Johnston
Commentary Content LeadKathryn McMillan
Commentary TeamJennifer Bixler, Barry Dowsett, Matthew Lee Johnston, Keith Wintraub
Commentary Content CoordinatorJennifer Bixler
Commentary Intellectual PropertiesKathleen Hanzel
LegalTamera Brockway, Jeff Koontz
Product MarketingJose Pinero
Public RelationsDavid Hufford
Game Web Site ProducerRebecca Lowell
Product PackagingColette Bottinelli
SetupRich Eizenhoefer, Craig Henry
Product SupportPhil Saitta
UndeterminedRick Daniels, Kiki McMillan

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Credits for this game were contributed by formercontrib (159335) and Kic'N (4348)