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Monty Python & the Quest for the Holy Grail Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Begins the quest for the Holy Grail
The map of England 93 and a half AD
Some visions of the Holy Grail, a peculiar encyclopedia
Black Knight always wins, and you have the choice to sing!
You can choose from certain death, certain death or even certain death...
The title screen follows an animated introduction
This is the main menu.
The Registration option asks a lot of bogus & irrelevant questions and the 'See the Film' option shows a sequence of stills, very small ones, very quickly
Select the 'See the Film' option from the menu and the game displays a 'Downloading MPEG 5' message after which micro scenes from the film are shown in the small window
The main menu's 'Register Now' option starts by asking for a name, then an address after which they become more & more bizzare. I stopped reading at question 119
The first stop on Arthur's journey is the plague village
In the plague village the player gets to play the 'Drop Dead' game, a version of Tetris played with dead, and almost dead, bodies
The 'Burn the Witch' mini-game is a Simon Says variant. Witches are burned in an increasingly complex sequence which the player must then repeat
Each location contains dialogue and hotspots which eventually lead to a mini-game being triggered
'Knights In Kombat' mini-game is keyboard or mouse controlled, he's already lost both arms and a leg but won't give in
After each mini game the player is returned to the current location where they must use the cursor to shoot down the bird, their reward is a coconut which goes into the inventory
This is Camelot. When the historian has done his bit the player sees a musical dance routine from the film
The Frenchman on the parapet who farts in Arthur's general direction. This location leads to the 'Catch the Cow' mini game
One of the mini-game title screens
The 'Catch the Cow' mini game. The object is to lead the knights to safety via the gate in the upper left. Clicking a knight turns him 90 degrees to the right. Cows are lobbed from the tower
Approaching Castle Anthrax
Is this a grail that I see before me
The introduction to Castle Anthrax shows a film clip where Sir Galahad the Chaste meets four and twenty maidens, this leads to the 'Spank the Virgin' mini-game
The 'Spank the Virgin' mini game is a 'Whac-A-Mole' type game. Not all the maidens are pure and spanking the wrong ones scores minus points
Completing the Castle Anthrax mini game opens up the Nude game option and the Oral Sex game.
The Caves of Caerbannog with John Cleese playing Tim the Enchanter
The Legendary Black Beast of Arrrghhh easily kills the knights
Game Over!
After sudden death at the hands of the Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog the player gets a chance to start again
Game Completed - Oh no it's not, this is the spoof ending screen from the main menu