Moonbase Commander Credits (Windows)

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Moonbase Commander Credits

Humongous Entertainment

Lead DesignerRhett Mathis
Lead ProgrammerRhett Mathis
Special Effects AudioRhett Mathis
Senior ProducerPatrick Wylie
Level DesignerPatrick Wylie
Documentation WriterPatrick Wylie
A.I. ProgrammerDarryl Mlinar
ProgrammersKristen Hebenstreit, Benjamin Young
Lead Systems ProgramerBrad P. Taylor
Systems ProgrammersDavid Cameron Galloway, Jason Vourtsis
Special Effects and Terrain ArtistMark Lautenbach
3‑D Units ArtistsMark Lautenbach, Jim Millar, Dan Cole
Q.A. LeadPatrick Hoynes
Level DesignersPatrick Hoynes, Jeff McCrory, Robert J. Ochs, Steven Kuo
Q.A. EngineersJeff McCrory, Robert J. Ochs, Steven Kuo
Script WriterBrad Carlton
Associate ProducerKristie Dimak
Unit DesignCisco Javier Martinez
Menu and Interface ArtCisco Javier Martinez
Audio EngineerGeoff Kirk
Vocal Talent (Dramatic Artists Seattle WA)Samantha Kelly (NiceCo and Menus), Dex Manley (DeWulf), Mark Harlow (Team Alpha and System7), Sihtam Tehr (System7)
EngineerSuzie Brutke-Smurdon
Special ThanksChris Millar, Jens Johnson, Jonathan Baron, Mike MacKenney, Oanh Pham, Chad Verrall, Andrew Hieke, Bill Petro, Skip Saling, Michael Shirley, Kyle Shold

Infogrames Interactive Inc.

Special ThanksMatt Collins, Sue Bulson
ProducerJonathan Chmura
Executive ProducerBill Lévay
Brand ManagerMichael MacConnell
V.P. of Product DevelopmentScott Walker
Directror of MarkettingSteve Arthur
Director of Creative ServicesSteve Martin
Director of Editorial and Documentation ServicesElizabeth Mackney
Art DirectorCharles Rizzo
Documentation SpecialistRandi Kravitz
CopywriterPaul Collin

Infogrames Q.A.

Director of Quality Assurance, North AmericaMichael Craighead
Senior Manager Q.A. Certification GroupKurt Boutin
Q.A. Testing ManagersRandy Lee, Bill Carroll
Q.A. Certification LeadTanya R. Emmert
Lead TesterJeffrey Tolleson
TestersBrett Casta, Karen Gledhill, Becky Madore, Jared Sorensen, Elizabeth Campbell, James Little, Chad Rabinovitz, Michael Murphy
Compatability SupervisorDavid Strang
Compatability LeadCharles B. McQuinn III
Compatability AnalysisGeoffrey Smith II, Randy Buchholz, Enoch Ornstead

Infogrames Melbourne House

Music DirectorMarshall Parker
MusicianStuart Ellison


Developer RelationsJoost Schuur

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