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atari saboteur

Mr. Tiny Adventures Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu
Map of the First level, The Dinner room
First obstacles on the level
Collecting coins and diamonds.
Check Point on every Golden Logo
Some items replenish your health.
All the enemies drop diamonds when killed.
Reaching the end of the level.
Bonus screen, counting your treasure.
Between levels, and depending of the cash you collected, you can play for credits, lives, points etc.
The Kitchen, the second level of 6.
First movements on the level
Jumping on the Ketchup bottles.
Reaching elevated areas of the kitchen.
Things become harder as you advance.
You need to move several objects (pulling and pushing) to reach some areas.
Another checkpoint in the area
Crossing the sink is not an easy task, you need to swim.
Another dangerous area of the kitchen
Another talisman reached, and another area cleared.
The Pipes, a labyrinth level where you need to create a map or you'll never reach the end!
Be careful with the enemies, no too much space to jump in here.
Water slow down your movement.
Again, collect as many coins and diamonds, you'll need it to bet and gain lives.
A dead end, but at least a refill of our health.
The Garden
A bit of fresh air after the pipes
You need to be careful at this point, not many lives left.
Flying enemies all around
Move objects to reach highest areas.
Hamburgers! A full refill of your life, but not easy to reach.
A jump of faith, the water awaits you if you fail.
Only half a life remaining and the checkpoint is so close!
Ummm, I need to move something to reach that point.