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Atari 50

MTV's Beavis and Butt-Head: Do U. Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

"Hey Butthead! Check it out! It's one of those Disclaimer things! Just like on our show!"
"Huh-huh-huh. Do You. Huh-huh."
"Van Driessen says we gotta go to college." "Field Trips suck."
"Excuse me sir? Could you like shut up and bring out the college sluts?"
"Okay Beavis, we have to get eight signatures if we want to go to the party and score with naked college chicks."
"Aaaaa Butthead! He's got crap floating over his head!" "Settle down Beavis. That's the interface."
"This place sucks. How do we get out of here?" "Beavis, you dumbass. That red arrow says exit."
"Hey look. It's that lame-o Stuart"
"How come we're serving food? This is just like Burger World. Thank you, drive through."
"Huh-huh. Hey Beavis. I'll bet you could score with these college chicks."
"What is this crap?" "It's our inventory Beavis." "Oh Yeah."
"Hey Butthead watch! Bunghole in one!" "Beavis you dumbass. That's our other game"
"Yeah! Yeah! Art class rules! You like learn stuff about naked college sluts!"
"Music Rocks! Yeah! Waooo! Da-na-na-na-nah Da-na-na-na-nuh!"
"I am Cornholio! My bunghole will speak now!." "Uh, he like needs more coffee and stuff."
"Hurry up Beavis! We need to steal the test answer key from this frat house so we can score with college sluts!"