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MTV's Beavis and Butt-Head in Virtual Stupidity Credits


Game DesignBrian Babendererde, Brad Delaney
Original StoryBrian Babendererde, Brad Delaney, Alisa E. Kober, Tom Zehner
Lead AnimatorAlisa E. Kober
Lead ArtistBrian Babendererde
BG designer/ ArtistTom Zehner
ProducerCathi Court
ProgrammingChristian Gustafsson
DialogueSam Johnson, Chris Marcil
Cut Sequences/ Background PaintingMTV Animation
Artist/Animator/Avi'sChip Sineni
AnimatorChris Kowalski
Audio Producer/Sound Designer/EngineerRob Herman
Audio ProducerStephen W. Boyer
Audio Programming SupervisorMartin Wilde
Audio ProgrammerFrank Rebeka
Mini‑Game ProgrammersFred Allen, Paul Hellier, Jim Weisz
Video CaptureWilliam Catino
Manager Development SupportScott Lawrence
Assistant ManagerJohn Podlasek
Technical SupervisorBaki Allen
TestersMike Casso (The Dreaded)
Additional Testing SupportFrancis Brooke, Greg Colton, Andreja Djokovic, Mike Kamka, John Kelly, Glenn Levy, Michael O'Connell, Chuck Zenkus
Associate ProducerTony Calandra
Creative ConsultantsSam Johnson, Nick Litwinko, Chris Marcil
Rights & ClearancesTeasha Kirchner
Legal AffairsMary Francis Budig, Josephine Impastato, Susan Meisel, Sabrina Silverberg
MTV Standars & PracticesChristine Friebely, Renee Presser
Voice TalentBrian Babendererde, Kristofor Brown, Tony Calandra, Cathi Court, Brad Delaney, Tracey Grandstaff, Rob Herman, Toby Huss, Sam Johnson, Michael Judge, John Kelly, Chris Marcil, Kurt Mitchell, Roman Scharnberg
Special Thanks ToMichele DiLorenzo
Lead Product PessimistMichael Lee

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Credits for this game were contributed by Jeanne (76482) and Zovni (10644)