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MTV's Beavis and Butt-Head in Virtual Stupidity Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The "title screen" (appears whenever window loses focus)
The world map. Some locations haven't been discovered yet.
The foot mart. Here we see our protaganists attempting to acquire some "nachos".
The coffee house, sponsoring a "save the sperm whale" event. Hey, isn't that Daria in the corner?
After a while, our heroes are thrown in prison.
The local burger joint. No, you have absolutely no chance of scoring with Gina in the corner.
The taxidermists. Yes, this is a large source of gross jokes.
The boiler room under the school.
Be Patriotic
Get A Job
Get freaky with the gas station
Inside The School
Go To School
The introductory animated cutscene
Gate 69 dog guardian
Todd's park gang
Attempt to free themselves from the ball
Road close due the trash slide
Inventory screen
Veteran's Hall visitors
Dirty toilet room
Let's do some experiments
Insane prison wing
The infamous couch
Cow slaughter
Prison gym
Open mic night
Just look at that loser!
Department for special prisoners
On the roof
Podunk Farm
Let's race!
Kitchen works
Highland penitentiary
The tunnel under the wall
That's a find!
Are you ready for surprise?