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Entertainmentopia (Oct 09, 2008)
While the game does not really have any new story to tell, that’s not really the point of this game. This game is all about the multiplayer. Whether it’s you against a computer or you against 3 of your friends, you can enjoy the different game modes and scenarios for a long time. And at the bargain bin price of about $20 for the digital download, it’s well worth the money.
Game Vortex (Oct, 2008)
I am still just completely sucked into this game. I have been playing it straight for 12 days. I was so excited when I saw something new from the Darwinian series. I was surprised, and maybe even a little skeptical, when I found out that it was going to be a head-to-head RTS. I wanted to continue the story, but I was completely and literally blown away by the depth of the game. It is just plain fun to play. My fears that the Darwinians' story was ending were quickly extinguished when I saw the ad for Darwinia+. Until then, though, I will be available for battle on the digital landscape.
2404.org PC Gaming (Oct 15, 2008)
With around 50 maps and support for up to four players, Multiwinia has some legs. On the other hand, Multiwinia is a very simple game, and this initially irrelevant issue starts to grow into a relevant one after dozens of matches. The lack of substantial depth does mean the game’s fun factor tapers off after awhile, but it still remains a lot of fun. Short rounds also mean you can play in-between classes or on a brief work break. And hey, that’s a good way of spreading the word on this $25 steal. That’s right, just like all of Introversion’s games, Multiwinia is at a budget price. If you’re still pondering if you should purchase this game or not, don’t. Buy this game.
Indie Game Magazine (Nov 05, 2008)
But that’s no reason to ignore it. Multiwinia is a great little game – very focused, very compact and very entertaining. It’s easy to grasp and has sufficient variety, and I suspect how it differentiates itself from the traditional RTS may end up being its greatest strength in the long run. It’s different enough to appeal well beyond the boundaries of the genre.
GamersHell.com (Oct 31, 2008)
Multiwinia is a superb showing from the developers at Introversion with approachable, entertaining RTS gameplay and style to spare. It readily earns its standalone status and hopefully paves the way for continued development of the Darwinia universe.
The A.V. Club (Dec 08, 2008)
Multiwinia bears all the stylistic hallmarks of an Introversion game, from the stark, lonely landscapes to the digitized death cries of the fallen Multiwinians. Anyone who played last year's DEFCON will smile when that game's two-dimensional nuclear subs rise from the waters, and the sight of a Multiwinian rocket launching toward a grid-like sky is almost breathtaking.
Factornews (Sep 19, 2008)
Terriblement nerveux, Multiwinia est un jeu de stratégie idéal pour des parties rapides. Les modes de jeu sont épiques et bien adaptés au thème rétro.
Play.tm (Oct 08, 2008)
I'm sure that given time this issue will remedy itself. The game has a timeless appeal and as word spreads about the enjoyment the game heaps into player's laps the number of servers should grow and grow. In this review I've focused on the flaws of Multiwinia and maybe not been as successful in conveying the nail-biting tension that you anticipate as each new game begins. It's a quick game which uses its brevity as a lure with that one-more go factor scoring very highly. Its rich visual style and strong core gameplay put many other monster titles to shame. Even with human opposition being a bit of a rarity Multiwinia has enough gameplay to justify its price and as such Introversion finds themselves with another game recommended by this website.
YouGamers (Nov 04, 2008)
Fun little RTS on the cheap, proving that creativity can't be declared extinct just yet - even in this day and age of multi-million dollar game budgets. Best when played against human opponents.
Eurogamer.net (UK) (Sep 19, 2008)
Click into its leftfield groove and Multiwinia provides a quirky but devilishly compelling distillation of all that strategy games can be - rich, deep and compressed into intense digestible chunks. Yummy.
Game Positive (Oct 10, 2008)
At the end of the day, Multiwinia is both a fun and different type of strategy title. Although it appears similar to Darwinia, the core gameplay has been updated in all the proper ways. By refining certain elements from its predecessor and adding a much-needed multiplayer component, Multiwinia provides a deceptively simple but unique strategic experience that's well worth checking out.
Thunderbolt Games (Nov 16, 2008)
While it’s lacking in singleplayer content, Multiwinia is fun, simple, and addictive. Playing the AI isn’t that fun, so take to the servers and duke it out with little digital men that shoot lasers from their hands. At $16.60/ £10, Introversion set the right price for the value, and you won’t be disappointed if you want a break from sending space marines to their doom.
Game Chronicles (Nov 01, 2008)
While it certainly lacks the complexity of most RTS titles, Multiwinia still strikes a good balance between strategy and arcade action. It's time to embrace your inner mad scientist in the digital world of Multiwinia.
Game Captain (Oct 01, 2008)
Multiwinia ist ganz klar nur für den Mehrspieler zu empfehlen. Das kleine Spiel macht sich sehr gut für den kleinen Spielspaß zwischendurch. Hier spielt es seine Stärken aus. Leicht erlernbare Modi, recht unkomplizierte Steuerung, witzige Grafik und schnelle Action. Störend ist da nur, die zu einfach gehaltene Steuerung, die es nicht möglich macht mehrere Formationen gleichzeitig zu bedienen und die kleine Auswahl an Karten. Man sollte Multiwinia nicht als einen Konkurrenten zu Command & Conquer usw sehen, sondern als das was ist. Ein kleiner Spaß für zwischendurch, der mit 20 EUR auch preislich in Ordnung geht.
GamingExcellence (Oct 17, 2008)
Introversion recently put out Multiwinia as a solitary title with a $20 price-tag, but the game will also be paired with the original Darwinia in an upcoming release intended for the Xbox Live Marketplace. This move should introduce new players to the worlds of Darwinia and Multiwinia and will also allow an already booming economy of gamers to partake in something intrinsically original. As long as Introversion sticks to its plan, it will not be too surprising if this combination package breaks some records. While there are gamers of all varieties seeking groundbreaking games in their appropriate niches, everyone and anyone is sure to enjoy an experience that is so innovative and downright fun. Multiwinia is that experience, and now fans of the series have something else to look forward to: The next phase of the Darwinia-Multiwinia process.
Gameplay (Benelux) (Oct 24, 2008)
Multiwinia heeft dan ook hetzelfde probleem als Gumboy Tournament: multiplayer toevoegen aan een erg leuke singleplayer game levert niet noodzakelijk een hit op.
Jeuxvideo.com (Mar 11, 2009)
Multiwinia est sans conteste un jeu de stratégie de qualité destiné à tous ceux qui ont apprécié Darwinia et qui veulent savoir ce que sont devenus leurs petits protégés. Ne vous fiez pas aux apparences, s'il est désormais plus simple de diriger ce peuple en 2 dimensions c'est tout simplement parce qu'il vous faudra relever un défi beaucoup plus corsé. En effet, que ce soit en solo ou en multijoueur, les autres tribus de Multiwiniens ne vous laisseront pas une seconde de répit.
Armchair Empire, The (Oct 20, 2008)
While the selling point of Multiwinia -- that would be, multiplayer -- is somewhat lacking in regard to number of players all the other pieces are in place for a very satisfying experience. Hopefully Multiwinia has a slow burn and some community builds around the title because as good a challenge as the AI can muster, it's nothing like the variety that online opponents can put together.
GameSpot (Sep 26, 2008)
Multiwinia is a unique strategy game and one that most strategy fans are bound to enjoy. While some may feel the game's almost nonexistent story is a downfall, the game makes up for this with plenty of maps and game modes to keep you occupied beyond the single-player experience. What's more, the budget download price of ÂŁ15 in the UK and $19.99 in North America makes this a high-value package. Ultimately, Multiwinia's visual style and pick-up-and-play multiplayer mean that it's a unique game in an overcrowded genre and one that most strategy fans should enjoy.
Krawall Gaming Network (Oct 01, 2008)
Leicht, fettfrei und gut bekömmlich – so präsentiert sich „Multiwinia“. Ohne viel Schnickschnack ist es praktisch das Butterbrot unter den Strategiespielen. Hin und wieder ist ein Bissen sehr lecker und macht Appetit auf mehr, in einer kurzen Pause ist man außerdem gerne bereit, den Genuss mit Freunden zu teilen. Trotzdem möchte man sich nicht ausschließlich derartig einseitig ernähren. Dafür fehlen einfach die Salatgarnitur in Form einer Geschichte und das saftige Steak, das schon beim Hingucken Lust auf den Genuss macht. Kurze Mehrspielerrunden fesseln immer wieder, das einfache Konzept funktioniert hervorragend. Lediglich die Verteilung der Nachschubkisten sorgt im Spiel gegen den Computer schnell für Frust. Lange Spielesitzungen werden allerdings schnell fade.
(...) Übrigens: Wer hier strategischen Tiefgang erwartet, kann mit demselben Erfolg Briefe an den Weihnachtsmann schreiben, denn Multiwinia ist eher ein Häppchen lustiger Action für zwischendurch als ein Strategie-Hammer. Pro Level benötigen Sie selten länger als eine Viertelstunde, sodass der Titel sich wunderbar als Pausenfüller eignet.
GameStar (Germany) (Dec, 2008)
Das kleine Studio Introversion Software hat Multiwinia auf das Wesentliche reduziert: schnelle Schlachten, simple, aber stimmige Optik und taktischer Tiefgang. Mit kleinen 2D-Männchen versuchen Sie in sechs verschiedenen Spielmodi, Ihre Gegner zu besiegen. Die KI ist clever, aber gegen menschliche Kontrahenten macht es deutlich mehr Spaß.
4Players.de (Oct 08, 2008)
Multiwinia macht alles richtig, was schon Darwinia und Defcon richtig machten: Man verliert sich unheimlich schnell im sympathischen Retro-Schick der Drahtgitter-Kulissen und wird von knackigen, kurzweiligen Echtzeitgefechten dort festgehalten. Auf den ersten Blick jedenfalls. Denn beim zweiten Hinschauen dünnt die taktische Tiefe beinahe schneller aus als eine durchschnittliche Runde Defcon dauert: Wo das Mehrspieler-Vorbild mit unterschiedlichen Einheitentypen und einem klug aufgebauten Spannungsaufbau innerhalb jeder Partie etliche Wochen ans Schaltpult ruft, schlagen die Multiwinianer nämlich trotz zahlreicher Karten stets sehr kurze und sich stark ähnelnde Schlachten über eine vergleichsweise magere Online-Anbindung. Die unhandliche Steuerung sowie eine mitunter dusselige Routenplanung der 2D-Kameraden zehren sogar ein wenig an den Nerven.
DarkZero (Nov 22, 2008)
Multiwinia isn’t a bad game; the unique art style and hypnotic laser fire are enough to keep it visually entertaining for hours (kind of like when you watch a moth attack a lava lamp). But once you’ve penetrated the outer crust of the game’s strategy, there really isn’t much more to the plain and inconsistent innards. Some people would call this its strength, opting for fast-paced decision making, and short battles. But those looking for more from their strategy games will be left wanting, and may even find that the battles are coming to an end long before you can mount a suitable retaliation, which is half the fun of a decent strategy.
JeuxVideoPC.com (Sep 19, 2008)
Multiwinia : Suvival of the Flattest est un STR ultra-nerveux et bourrin à souhait. Oubliez la microgestion des unités et l’optimisation technologique de vos bases. Les rushers vont s’en donner à cœur joie avec ce titre résolument tourné vers le multijoueurs.
Gamekult (Sep 26, 2008)
Comme Defcon, Multiwinia n'est pas de ces jeux dans lesquels on s'investit pendant plusieurs mois, mais son concept en apparence simpliste est doublé d'une vraie richesse tactique propice aux parties courtes et endiablées. La petite distraction idéale, en somme, pour un jeu doté d'un style visuel unique et d'idées rafraîchissantes qui ne perd rien de l'originalité Darwinia et l'adapte parfaitement aux exigences du multi, quelques petites lacunes mises à part. Un exemple de plus qui prouve, après l'excellent Sins of a Solar Empire, que l'on peut faire un jeu de niche à la fois riche et profond qui sache rester simple d'accès et fun. Introversion Software ne fait décidément rien comme tout le monde, et tant mieux.
Worth Playing (Dec 29, 2008)
There isn't all that much to Multiwinia: Survival of the Flattest, unfortunately. The gameplay is short, and necessarily so, because any single match can drag on very quickly, and once a clear lead is established, it is quite difficult to break. A good multiplayer environment helps the game last somewhat longer, and the unique style that made Darwinia a hit remains in force, but it really does not work very well as a separate game. Treat it as a Darwinia expansion more than a true sequel, and consider accordingly. At the least the demo is free, so it might be worth a try for those looking for more streamlined tactics.
1UP (Nov 06, 2008)
And speaking of multiplayer, that's about all you'll want Multiwinia for. Repetitive maps, exploitable A.I., and a lack of any backstory or plot whatsoever hamper the single-player mode. That said, the game does have "multi" in its title, and for the price (about $20), you could do worse for an online time-waster.
PC Games (Germany) (Nov 26, 2008)
Die in Darwinia kritisierte Steuerung wurde entschlackt und fühlt sich deutlich besser an, lässt aber immer noch simpelste Standards wie speicherbare Gruppen vermissen. Aufgrund der Bedienungsmängel und begrenzten Einheitenauswahl ist daher auch bei Multiwinia schnell die Luft raus.

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