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Munin Credits

58 people (44 developers, 14 thanks)

Developed by Gojira

Original Idea and Design byAndré Silva, João Rodrigues
With Poems byAntónio Saraiva (inspired in the poetic edda)
Executive ProducerAntónio Saraiva
Level DesignAndré Silva
Lead Artist / Art DirectorJoão Rodrigues
Lead ProgrammerGilberto Catarino
Gameplay ProgrammerJoão Abreu Lopes
Sound ProgrammerFelipe Cabédo
Music and SoundFrederico Lira
Background ArtworksRui Pereira
Additional ArtistsEva Vital, Patrícia Gouveia
Beta TesterHenrique Saraiva

Published by Daedalic Entertainment

CEOCarsten Fichtelmann
Assistant to CEOMaria Thiele
Studio ManagementSteffen Boos
PR and MarketingHans Diemer, Carsten Fichtelmann, Christina Kaiser, Markus Neuert, Norainy Pauksztat, Lisa Schantl, Claas Wolter
Community ManagementDaniel Brenn (Galdring), Christoph Ehrlich (Rhetorica), Daniel Schlimm (Al Dhi), Stefanie Pirsich
Product ManagementDerk Rohlfs
Project ManagementJonas Paulus
SalesCarsten Fichtelmann, Tom Kersten, Markus Neuert
SupportMaria Urban
Human ResourcesJana Dietel, Rositha Ruck
Box Art / Cover ArtKai Fiebig
QA LeadSebastian Fink
QA TestersPascal Knodt, Simon Piel, Felix Hagedorn
Localization DirectorMatthias Mangelsdorf
German TranslationBen Kuhn
French TranslationWords of Magic
Spanish TranslationJosué Monchan
Italian TranslationRenata Forteleoni
Russian TranslationUliana Erofeeva
Brazilian Portuguese TranslationAndré Campos
Portuguese TranslationAntónio Saraiva
Turkish Translation23 Studios, Arda Can Coşkun

Special Thanks

Special Thanks toHenrique Carreiro (Microsoft), Thierry Bégaud, Barbara Silva, Restart | Instituo de Criatividade e Novas Tecnologias, João Tovar, Miguel Tomar Nogueira, Jorge Vieira, Nélio Codices, Marco Leal, Diogo Teixeira, Tiago Carita, Miguel Carção, JJ, And to all our friends and families for their relentless support and encouragement

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Credits for this game were contributed by Sciere (618944)