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MusicVR Episode 2: Maestro Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Maestro is Part of Mike Oldfield's MusicVR Series
You Start At The Heart Of The Starship "Virtual Voyager"
A Spiral Staircase? You'd Think A Starship Would Have Turbo Lifts Or Something...
Alien Entities, or Impressionist Street Lamps?
Anyone Familiar with Mike Oldfield Knows What These Are
Rio Has Its Statue Of Christ, Maestro's World Has ... This
Arrr Matey! I've Found Me An Avatar!
The On-line Community Provides Hints and Tips
A Noble Steed Bearing A Medal
The Knights Of The Castle - Get It?
This Would Be The "Game Engine", I Presume?
One Of Many Puzzles: What's Behind Door Number Three?
Oldfield's Idea of Modern Architecture
This Guy Isn't Nearly As Scary As He Looks
What's At The End Of The Rainbow?
Alms For A Poor, Unfortunate Blind Man!
This Is A Gravitar
An Acrobatic Phantom
It's Still About The Music
Outside Of The Virtual Voyager
No, It's Not Star Wars... It's Maestro!